Bucket List Bars is a great compilation that features a bunch of bars that the authors think you should add to your bucket list.   They aren’t chains, they are exclusive to the cities they are in and that is it. They vary from saloons, pubs, speak easys, etc and the beginning of the book explains the difference between each of these terms.  The books covers everywhere from the east coast to San Francisco.  In addition to just telling you about the bar and what you should order to drink, the book features history on the bar, what kind of food they have to offer and my personal favorite – other things to check out nearby.  New York City for example has bars near the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty so you can mix drinking and being a tourist. (Or finish of your night of site seeing with a nice drink)

Also important – each area also has the numbers for cabs listed so that if you have had too much, you can get back home or to your hotel safely!  There are also a lot of QR codes if you are tech savvy that link to websites, youtube videos, etc.  The end of each location also has some “other” notable bars – they didn’t quite make the cut for a larger feature in the book but are still worth noting.

Even if you are not a drinker – some of these locations are very interesting and have a lot of history and would be worth checking out.  Also – most have great food (from what I’ve read, I haven’t actually been to any of the locations in this book – yet!) so that is probably worth it if you find yourself nearby!  (Each location starts with a check list that includes if it has food, what drink you should probably order, if there is live music, when it is open,  the type of bar it is, why you should go, etc so you can easily skim each of the bars if you are looking to plan a trip to one of the cities and are trying to find something for everyone in your group.)

The thought of having a bucket list for just bars is really interesting. I can’t say before reading this book that I had any bars on my bucket list (though fast food locations are plentiful) but after reading this book there are a couple that I will be hoping to check out some day!

I received a free copy of this book in order to write this review. By posting this review on my site and other review sites I will receive a stipend.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.

About the Book

Forty Bars, Twelve Cities, One Book

Find your way to the most historic saloons, pubs, and dives of America. These are the watering holes that shaped our nation and created our country. Find the favorite spots of our Founding Fathers, the places where the most well-known celebrities could relax, and the joints that most wouldn t walk into without a bodyguard.

For each bar, you will get a complete history taken directly from the owners and bartenders. You’ll find out what to expect when you go today. You’ll get advice on what drinks and food to order. And we’ll even share insider’s tips so you won’t stand out like a tourist.

You’ll also get instant access to brief online documentaries made for each bar so you’ll know before going exactly what to expect, what to order, and who to talk to.

Bucket List Bars is the definitive guide to the historic saloons, pubs, and dives of America. Also Included:
– QR Code-Linked Documentary Video of Each Bar–A First of its Kind for Guidebooks
– QR Code-Linked Videos of Their Signature Drinks So You Know What to Order
– Nearby Distractions in the Area To Make Each Visit Complete
– Other Notable Bars Nearby To Visit If You Have the Time

Boston Area
El Paso area
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New York City
San Antonio
San Francisco
Tucson Area

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