Saturday night, Kris Allen was set to play the Mohegan Sun’s Wolf Den.  We got there around 6pm and there was quite a line already, so we jumped right in.  I was nervous that we wouldn’t make it in to the Wolf’s Den, but it turned out that we made it in and were the first set of tables around the upper level so we would have had plenty of time to still make it inside.  I think we had a great spot though, very close to the stage, considering.

At 8pm the show started with Jillette Johnson, who has now become the first opener I have ever seen in the Wolf’s Den!  She did about a half an hour set – very similar to the last 2 times I had seen her (once with Kris and once with Honor Society).  At 9pm Kris came out for his set.

Since it is the Out Alive tour, he off course started off the set with Out Alive.  The set was a bit shaken up from the last time I saw him in January – we got 2 new songs one he had done the last couple times I have seen him – it still has no name (so my setlist book is sad) but he has said the working title is “Paul Simon” and he liked to play it to the different crowds to get a reaction.  He did a call and response portion and then teased us because we did back all the crazy stuff he asked of us – but then thanked us for doing so because we didn’t make him look like an idiot.  The other new song was called “Unique” about liking a crazy girl lol and he dedicated it to a couple in the audience.

He didn’t have time to do a request song (and last time he did a song for Newtown so I have now missed out on making a request both times!) but instead did one he thought we would enjoy which was an Everybody Wants To Rule the World / The Way You Make Me Feel mashup.

During one of the songs he kind of went off on a tangent and was singing about how we are all going to win a lot of money tonight, but maybe not and to not take his word for it and that we probably wouldn’t win… and then he stepped away to play just the guitar for a while but was cracking himself up.  When he went back up to the mic to sing more he was still laughing and had to just play until he could calm down again. Too funny.

He also was joined by “not the one and not the only” Kris Allen – who plays the saxophone for a few songs.  He said that when he had a myspace, he would always search for himself but instead found ANOTHER Kris Allen who played sax.  He lives in the area so he finally got to meet him and invited him on stage to play during I think it was Rooftops.  That was pretty neat for there to be TWO Kris Allen’s on stage at once! And Kris was definitely a great sax player as well.

For the encore, he came out by himself and said that Reba (who was performing at the arena Saturday night) was the first concert he went to when he was 7 years old and he wore a silk shirt and cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.  He also told us how a few years ago he got the chance to meet Reba and was trying to figure out what to say to her – and decided he’d tell her that she was his first concert.  Instead, all that came out was “I love you”.  So in honor of us not being at the Reba show and instead seeing him – he did one of her songs.  Or, part of it.  He didn’t seem to remember all the words and stopped after a minute or so to go into an Idol Medley.  The medley was Falling Slowly (I gasped when he started it. LOVE him singing this song!), Heartless and Ain’t No Sunshine.  The band joined him back on stage and then he did Shut That Door to close out the night.

He is just so, so good and I have been spoiled with him seeming to come to Connecticut every few months.  I hope he keeps it up!  He also mentioned that he is ready for his 3rd album so I hope that all gets underway soon as well 🙂


Out Alive
Better With You
Alright with Me
Vision of Love
Before We Come Undone
Faith / We Are Young
New Song (Paul Simon)
Leave You Alone
Everybody Wants To Rule the World / The Way You Make Me Feel
My Weakness
Live Like We’re Dying

Reba song – Fancy
Falling Slowly / Heartless / Ain’t No Sunshine
Shut That Door

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