Idol Top 5

Did you know – that a girl is going to win this season?  It’s an all girl top 5 thanks to the fact that the Top 10 was absolutely STACKED with stronger female singers and mediocre dudes.  Obviously, this is what production wanted and the fact that they’re  trying to play it off as some shocker, is the shocking part.

Two themes – Songs from the year of your birth and second – divas!

Candice – Straight Up – A nice mix up of the song but seemed safe.

Janelle – When I Call Your Name – Actually a better performance from her than most of hers have been lately.

Kree – She Talks to Angels – This might have been a risk to her but it just seemed boring and safe.

Angie – Ill Stand By You – While I liked the shout out for Boston since she is from MA, it seemed like her talking before starting threw off the whole performance.

Amber – Without You – Nice song choice but she can’t hit the high notes!

Candice – When You Believe – LOVED IT.

Janelle – Dumb Blonde – She has issues with breathing so she shouldn’t have been moving all around.

Kree – Have You Ever Been In Love – Nice performance but im pretty much over her.

Angie – Halo – I see what Mariah meant about her pronouncing words when she sings. There is just something about Angie I don’t like, but I think that she is one of the stronger singers.

Amber – What Are You Doing With The Rest Of Your Life – Great way to end the night


Going home – Janelle.  Please?


And result night was full of surprises!  Candice got a visit from Paula Abdul! (Can she come back immediately and they get rid of Nikki?)  Janelle got a letter from Dolly Parton!  Clay Aiken came home! (home?) and Fantasia screamed some song.

And then, finally, Janelle was the one with the least amount of votes.

The judges did not use the save.

And then there were 4.  Who will it be? Kree, Angie, Candice or Amber?

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