April 5, 2013

Idol Top 7

The theme is ROCK – No Ballads! Hooray! (I swear earlier in the week it was CLASSIC rock but since Evanescence is included… not sure they’re really a classic)  Another week of half-assed write ups because I am just not feeling this season and my thoughts are always completely different from the judges – I think we’re on a different planet quite often this season.  I think that the girls don’t sound in sync and Randy says they sounded like a group right after.  Say what?

The past 2 weeks everyone has gotten confused in the beginning – kind of strange.

Burnell – You Give Love a Bad Name – No hand movements and a fun performance! I love no ballads week!

Angie & Lazaro – Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Did Lazaro flub on the words – AGAIN?  Other than that it was a nice performance.

Kree – Piece of My Heart – AMAZING! perfect song choice!!

Candice & Burnell – The Letter – Pretty good performance

Janelle – You May Be Right – Wow. That was beyond bad. You can’t make Billy Joel COUNTRY!

Lazaro – We Are The Champions – Not the best but a decent performance from him

Amber, Janelle, Kree – Still Rock N Roll To Me – WHY COUNTRY WHY

Candice – Satisfaction – awesome

Amber – What About Love – Strong performance!

Angie – Bring Me To Life – Great way to end the show

Bottom 3 – Janelle, Burnell, Lazaro
Going home – Lazaro

Results show – Casey James and Carrie Underwood! Woo hoo!

Lazaro in the TOP THREE! Holy cow.

The bottom 3 is Amber, Janelle and Burnell

and Amber is safe!

Janelle and Burnell are the bottom 2.

Burnell sings for his life

The judges decide to not use the safe and Lazaro is the last man standing!

I probably would have used the save on him.


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