April 10, 2013



TwentyTwo is a community for artists and fans to share short audio clips. Artists can post clips to their followers and fans can send clips back.

It’s a more personal and creative way to connect with the artists you love.

The app was developed by Robert Schwartzman, front man of Rooney (and a great solo artist as well)

A little bit about the app from Robert:

“We released the app a few months ago and are constantly building out new features. We’re also actively letting artists and fans know that it’s a place to connect and build a following. You can also share posts to Twitter and Facebook.

We’re excited about this app because it’s a more personal and creative way to connect with fans, and vice versa.  It’s more and more common that musicians, artists, or personalities have other people representing him/her/them online…in other words, you’re not actually connecting with the actual artist.  On 22, it’s all audio updates, so artists have to be involved and willing to engage with fans.  What’s cool is that every artist does different types of audio posts, so it’s whatever you choose to make it.

I’m very excited about the response we’re getting so far from users.”

Right now the 22 app is only available for iPhones, but they are looking to bring it to more platforms in the future.  I am not so patiently awaiting it becoming available for Android!  This sounds like a really awesome idea and social media is HUGE for bands with promotion these days and this is a very unique and fun way for bands to interact with their fans – they can give audio updates, snippets of new songs they are working on, or really whatever they want.  If you are a fan – download the app, check it out – and most importantly – let all your favorite artists know about it and encourage them to use it!

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