Book Review: What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube

vegasWhat Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube I believe got its title from Prince Harry – who had a party weekend in Vegas and everything ended up on YouTube.  It is all about how there is no such thing as privacy, especially on the internet, and ways to protect yourself on social media and the internet.  It has a lot of information about people who lost their job based on tweets or facebook posts.  There are tips like – don’t lie to your boss and then show up at a party in a tutu on Facebook. (Or you know – just don’t lie to your boss, period.)  Be careful about what you tweet and think about it before pressing send – a lot of people write  tweets in anger and they come back to haunt them or cause them to lose their job.  There are always ways to help you get jobs on the internet in the book – using sites like LinkedIn to your advantage.  (See, the internet isn’t all bad if you know how to use it!)

Near the end of the book there are a couple of quizzes to help make sure that you truly are understanding what you are reading.

While this book is more geared towards adults and those who are working, I think that it could work very well in educating younger generations on what not to do (or to do) on the internet as they approach high school and college – nothing on the internet ever really goes away – and I think if you grow up knowing that and realizing that there are consequences then you’ll be less likely to make these mistakes and blunders that could cost you a job in the future.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Privacy is dead. Reputations are dying. Don’t let it happen to your company, your team, or your family. You need to turn this potential liability into leadership, and you need to start today. Learn the art and science behind why digital reputations are determining: business winners and losers, your child’s future, effective vs. ineffective CEOs & school teachers, your team’s culture, church congregation sizes, your next job, everything…

Book Blast: Chasing Prophecy

Title: Chasing Prophecy

Author: James Moser

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Thriller

Ebook available at: Kindle | Smashwords  

Book Description:

Mo is a shy teen who is just trying to survive high school. He has secretly fallen in love with a girl named Prophecy who lives with a group that some call a commune and others call a cult. When she disappears, Mo must find the courage to face the monster that her family has become. Chasing Prophecy is a contemporary coming of age story that is heartwarming, suspenseful, and beautifully written. This book chronicles the adolescence of one boy who must transform himself to save the girl of his dreams.

Kirkus Reviews:

“A stellar read for teens and adults, full of hilarious growing pains, tenderness and a few surprises. Moser’s debut is an unflinching young-adult novel that sees a group of friends tested by bigotry and the illegal machinations of a religious cult. The author serves up an irresistibly wisecracking narrator in Mo Kirkland. Every page ripples with a controlled cleverness. There’s also a rawness to this tale similar to that which many teens face in the real world. Moser can wax rhapsodic about young love, but he shows that he knows how to raise the tension in the second half of the novel.”


Max leaned over and whispered, “They don’t have any gear.”I looked at their packs. He was right. No rolled-up tents, sleeping bags or cookware dangled from any of the straps or hooks. Just bulging backpacks. Their empty sports-drink bottles were the only clue that they’d known they were about to hike straight up a mountain.

I remember thinking how weird it was that they carried so much weight uphill and none of that weight was soap, clean clothes, or sleeping bags.

Max peeked inside one of their packs. He undid the top pull-cord and pulled out a giant freezer-bag of red crystals. I undid the top drawstring of one of the other backpacks. More bags of the same stuff. I held one up. A bright flash startled us, made us step back. After blinking away the spots, I saw Clean with one arm extended, centering us in another picture he was taking on his phone.

“What’s this?” I asked, holding up a bag of what looked like raspberry Sno-Kone.

“Drugs,” Max said softly.

“It is not ‘drugs,’” said Clean. “It is the salvation of our family. It is the sword we will use to fight off Big Brother, to beat him back from our land, to cut off his hand as it reaches for what is ours. Now put those bags of salvation back, please. I’m sending word of our salvation to my father.” He held the Blackberry closer to his face and I knew he was forwarding the picture to Able back at the ranch.

Big buckets of reality crashed down on me head. Huge bags of drugs brought in from Canada. Hiked over the border in the dense woodsy areas where the Mount Baker National Forest drops to the Canadian Border.

These guys are criminals, I thought.

Clean waved at our tents, sleeping bags, and the rest of the food. He said, “You guys should just chill for a day, catch your breath, eat, drink, and sleep. No fires. We’re way off the trail and we’re nowhere near the spot where people hang-glide, base-jump or wall-climb. I put all the dehydrated food pouches in the blue backpack—soups and chili and fruit. A whole bottle of water purifying tablets. It’s not tons but it’ll keep you fueled til you’re back home. Thanks to you, the hard work is done.”

“Thanks, bruh,” said the leader of the other team. The three of them were leaning into the rock and leaning into each other. They must have done that on the way up, at night, to stay warm.

Clean motioned us to the other end of the rock. He said, “We leave in half an hour. Drink all the water you can, then fill up one small water bottle each. Remember to add an iodine tablet. No one can get sick on the way down. And,” he said, pausing to reach into his pack. “We wear these on the way down.” He pulled out green and tan camouflage floppy hats and t-shirts that matched the backpacks our visitors had carried.

“What about . . .” I started to say.

Max took a deep breath, dropped his chin and stared at the ground. He understood before I did that the Vision-Quest was over. We’d come to exactly this spot because this was the mission Able and Clean had planned for us all along.

Clean said, “We’re carrying it back down to the trailhead. We’re taking no food. We ate less than 24 hours ago and will be able to eat again before we go to sleep, after we get home. We have water. It’s downhill for us so we should make the car before dark. I have a small thing of sunscreen. Other than that, all we need is some guts.”

Max’s face was angry. I was just plain numb. There was nothing else to say.

Half an hour later, Clean hugged his three companions goodbye. We stayed on the southern end of the ledge, teetering under the heavy packs, just nodding politely to the other crew. We started down and did not talk. The backpacks carried the same weight but since I’m smaller than Clean and Max, I struggled more. I panted and stumbled a few times. We reached the tree-line in a couple hours.

Max and I kept trading WTF looks.

I thought, What is Kazzy doing right now? Does she have backpack of drugs, too? Did she know about this? Of course she didn’t know. The day before she looked so lost and confused. As lost and confused as anyone in the dining hall. If she had drugs on her back, she was as surprised as we were.

God, I wanted to hold her and I wanted her to hold me back. I’ve never wanted to hold someone so much. I thought of the squeeze she’d given me as she left the school bus.

The school bus. Right. They’d chosen a special ed. school bus to bring us in and out because it would hide in plain sight. No cop would pull us over for a small reason.

Max suddenly said, “Shit.” He kicked a tree, nearly fell from being off-balance under the heavy pack, steadied himself, unstrapped, and dropped his pack on the ground. He looked at me, then at Clean. “This is illegal. It’s not what you said we’d be doing.”

Clean moved quickly toward Max. I dropped my pack to the ground and took a long step toward them–to break up the fight before it got started. Clean’s eyes darted to mine. He put his finger to his lips.

Max put up his fists but Clean was already past him.

Clean took two long steps down the path, to the bend in the next switchback. He looked back at us—eyes on fire. He pointed sharply at us and then up into the woods.

We pulled on our packs and labored up the rocky hillside, grabbing at pine trees and brush. Glancing to our right, I saw Clean doing the same. We reached a spot thirty feet off the trail, level and dense with ferns. From the trail we heard a rustling and the unmistakable clip-clopping of horseshoes. We dropped down in the ferns, shimmied out of our backpacks and kneeled down in the dense mossy soil.

A forest ranger on horseback came into view. As he brought the horse to a stop, it sniffed at the air, looked our way and froze. I knew it had smelled us. We turned to Clean. He put one finger to his lips and stared daggers at us.

The ranger wore an olive green, short-sleeved shirt and cargo shorts. He had a walkie talkie clipped to his belt and a satellite phone in his hand. The saddle held a canteen, knapsack, and a long leather sleeve with a shotgun handle sticking out. As he turned around, I saw a handgun holstered at his side. The guy looked straight ahead, spoke into his satellite phone, dismounted, whispered softly to the horse, and stroked its mane.

I looked back at Clean and what I saw told me that the Bethlehem family had changed forever. The fingers of one hand were spread toward us, commanding we remain still and silent. His other hand held a gun. The lines on his face were calm. He was not afraid.

The ranger turned his back to us, lowered his hands, undid his belt buckle, moved his legs apart, looked to the sky, began to whistle. Clean gently clicked off the safety. The horse heard it, darting its eyes in our direction, snuffled, pawed at the ground restlessly. The man turned back to the horse, whispered, went back to whistling.

After the ranger and horse were safely out of earshot, we stepped over to Clean.

Max said, “What are you doing with a GUN???”

I added, “Yeah, and what were you gonna do if he saw us?”

Clean looked calmly at me, snapped the safety back on, and returned the gun to the waist-band against his lower back. He clicked on his walkie talkie, adjusted the volume and channel, and said, “Redemption Team One to Redemption Team Two. Redemption Team One to Redemption Team Two. Anyone out there chillin’? Over.”

A long pause, and then the crackling response, “Chillin’ like Bob Dylan. Thought you guys were gone. Over.”

Clean said, “We just ran into Steve’s Big Brother. You remember Rick, right? Over.”

A longer, crackling pause.

“Copy that. Long time since we’ve seen Rick. He by himself? Over”

“Affirmative. Over.”

And the longest, crackling pause yet.

“How long til Rick arrives for dinner? Over.”

“He’s probably not coming to your house, but if he does go that way, it’ll be at least an hour. No more than two. Over.”

“Copy that. If you seen him again, tell him sorry we missed him and we’ll catch him next time. We’re running late and we’ll be gone in ten minutes. Over.”

“Sounds like a plan. Sorry about the fast turnaround. I know you guys are tired from the trip. From the long drive all the way from California, I mean. Over.”

“Copy that. Catch you guys next time. Over and out.”

“Copy that. Over and out.”

Clean switched off his walkie talkie and clipped it onto his belt.

“Look at me,” he said. “Everyone take a drink of water and pee if you have to. We are not stopping for a few hours, until we get to the parking lot. I will walk on point. That means I’ll be by myself about fifty feet ahead. There will be NO talking, so I can hear what’s ahead. You watch where you’re walking and you watch me. I put my hand up, that means stop. I point, and that means you have five seconds to go wherever I’m pointing.

“We run into someone and can’t hide in time, you just do exactly what I do. We’ll say hello all friendly-like, but you keep your heads down and you do not slow down no matter what. I will go first. I’ll pause, I’ll make some small talk for ten seconds while you pass me, and then I’ll bring up the rear after the two of you are down the trail a bit. I will catch up on my own so don’t look back. We don’t look back and we don’t stop no matter what.”

We nodded.

“Say it so I know you understand,” he said.

“Don’t look back,” Max said.

“Don’t stop, no matter what,” I said.

About the Author:
James Moser has always loved stories in all forms. He is in his fourteenth year of working with high school students. The author’s goal was to write a book that would inspire even his most reluctant readers. Young adults have always inspired him. As such, he wanted to show teenagers transforming themselves to overcome obstacles, which is what he watches them do, every day.

Moser has a B.A. in English and a Master’s degree in Secondary English Education. He lives in Seattle with his beautiful wife and eight year old son. When he’s not reading and writing, or thinking about reading and writing, he’s watching way too much television while snacking on frozen treats from Trader Joe’s. Man, those things are good.

Where to find James Moser:





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Blog Revamp coming!

After being accused of copyright infringement on Christmas (yeah, really) I’ve been in a bit of a “blogging funk”.  The fact that someone would not only accuse me of violating the terms of service of the site where I get 90% of my books to read from reviews from – but to actually email me about it on Christmas when I was celebrating with family was a real turn off.  It turns out, the only thing that I am guilty of is having a common first name and not posting my last name all over the place. Which last I checked, isn’t a crime.

I’m currently on what I am calling a “blog vacation”, I’ve deleted the blog email account off of my phone so I am not checking it constantly and feeling overwhelmed and I am trying to make a dent in the list of books I have to review (it was at 39, I think I’ve got it down to 30 now and I am trying not to accept more book reviews until I can get the list even smaller).  I check the blog email every night – if I have the free time to – and that’s it.  I’m also thinking about new features for the site.

Unfortunately, I have books and books and books scheduled until about May.  So in May, the actual transformation will start to take place, but for this month I will be taking it slow, trying to request little to no books and little to no product reviews. (And read all I can!) I have already gotten everything for February scheduled and completed (with the exception of any concert reviews!) and I will be completing all reviews I have already committed to.

Then in May, look for some new content that is more ME!

I’m still working out the details but I hope to have the following features on a semi-regular basis (if not every week)

Music Monday – Reviewing a CD, New Artist, New Single or something somehow music related.

Try It Tuesday – Where I try something new. Whether it be a scrapbook technique, cooking something from pinterest, new crafts, or try to organize my new home. It will be documented and posted. Love with Food boxes will also fall in to this category.

Whatever Wednesday – I can’t come up with anything for Wednesday yet so this will just be whatever I want to talk about. Maybe I’ll blab about how I watch too much TV, maybe a product review that otherwise didn’t get scheduled will weasel its way in. Or maybe the latest concert I went to will end up being reviewed here. Or maybe I’ll just take the day off!

Throwback Thursday – I’m not totally sure the details on this one but probably either recapping an old concert I attended or talking about a past opening act with a where are they now (if I can find them!)  But it should be a bit more music related!

Friday Book Nook – Here’s where those book reviews will be! I am trying to limit myself to only 3-4 book reviews being posted a day. Hopefully I can stick to that! I’ll have to be a bit more selective with what I choose to read.

Scrapbook Saturday – I started this in the new year and it will of course continue throughout the year – provided that I keep up with my scrapping. (I’m currently in March 2013!)

Sunday – Probably either reviews or another free for all day. Again, I just started mapping out changes so it could be anything.


What do you think? Anything you’re looking forward to? Anything you think I should add?

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Year in Review – 2013

Most expensive show:

This is kind of a trick question.  The Hanson Jamaica trip was probably most expensive but we never did figure out what it technically cost removing the room fees.
Next expensive would be NKOTB VIP which was $550… but like $450 of that was just for the VIP perks.
Most expensive non VIP was P!nk which was $129 (and we weren’t even lower level!)
But then I paid $180 for One Direction but that was not face…
But that would be the most expensive tix of the bunch.

Least (not free) expensive show:
Action Item at the Heirloom Arts Theater was $24
Free shows:
Maroon 5, Action Item(x2), Hanson (x4), Locksley, Kris Allen, NKOTB, Ryan Cabrera, Harry Connick Jr, Midnight Red, Recycled Percussion, Casey James

# artists seen: 137
# unique artists seen: 49
# shows seen in CT:   26
# of shows out of state: 31

Show farthest away:  The Wanted / Hanson / Recycled Percussion / Boyz II Men in Vegas. (Though I guess technically The Wanted because they were the first I saw?)
Closest show:  Aaron Carter at the Fairfield Theater
$$ spent on tickets:  $4380.48
Miles traveled: 20,313.5

Top 6 shows of the year?
Hanson iHeartRadio New York, NY
Hanson Pittsburgh, PA
Hanson Jamaica
NKOTB night 2
Maroon 5
(in no particular order)

Total number of shows in 2013? 57

First show of the year?
Kris Allen at Ridgefield Playhouse

First show with actual tickets:
Kris Allen

Last show of the year?
Stephen Kellogg

Most surprising show?

Most disappointing?
2 words. Aaron. Carter.

Farthest traveled?

States attended shows in?
Connecticut, Jamaica (not a state, but yeah),  New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Nevada

Venue most visited?
Mohegan Sun Arena – 5 times

Worst injury?
Fortunately nothing. I did fall on my butt a couple times but that’s to be expected.

Most expensive ticket?
I’ve gone over this above lol It’s very complicated math.

Band seen the most?
Hanson 20 times (i think 20.)

Best new discovery?
Midnight Red

Bands seen this year that also broke up this year?
oh. this question.

Honor Society & Jonas Brothers

Friends made at shows?
Jillian, Jen, Nina, Katie & probably more I am forgetting! (sorry!)

Band members met?
Oh here we go… Kris Allen, Hanson, Action Item, Tyrone Wells, Honor Society, 98 Degrees, NKOTB, Wanya from BIIM, The Script, Midnight Red, The Wanted, Recycled Percussion, Casey James, Backstreet Boys

Best souvenir from a show?
hmm probably the 98* commemorative ticket? that thing is so damn shiny… (and i have no idea how i’ll scrap it) and a couple setlists

Longest time in line?
As far as shows go – I don’t think I waited all that long for anything.  But I did have to stand for approx 2.5 hours waiting to meet the Backstreet Boys

Shows seen from the barricade [front row]–
Locksley, Action Item House Party (if that counts lol), Hanson, NKOTB, Recycled Percussion (sort of)

Most shows in one month?
June – 9

Most shows in one week?
tie – January 10-14 and September 23-27 (September would be 21-27 if Rock Of Ages counts!)

Biggest crowd?
I think there was supposed to be like 20,000 people at iHeart Radio Village.  Next biggest probably Mixtape Festival or One Direction.

Any drunk encounters?
Probably but none that seem notable right now.. There was a tone deaf girl behind me at Stephen Kellogg but I can not confirm or deny if she was drunk.

Top 5 best 2013 concert moments:
Hanson on the Beach in Jamaica
P!NK flying around pretty much her whole show and still singing live
Meeting NKOTB
Meeting 98 Degrees
Meeting Backstreet Boys
(am I cheating?)

Top 5 worst 2013 concert moments:
Seeing Honor Society for the last time – even though at the time I didn’t know it was the last and/or missing their last show because I was in Vegas
Seeing Locksley and realizing that all the songs I knew they totally reworked
Rain during Hanson in Delaware / Mixtape Festival
The a-hole at Irving Plaza who managed to ruin not 1, but 2 Hanson shows for us
Aaron Carter calling me out for not jumping. I can’t!! Give a Dollar, Get a Dollar

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Her Sexiest Mistake Giveaway!


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Author: Jill Shalvis

Author’s Social Networking Links:

Author’s Website



Amazon –

Barnes and Noble –

iTunes –


Mia Appleby finally has the life she always wanted. She’s escaped her trailer trash childhood
and built a nice life for herself with a marketing job and a cute, little condo. But no matter how much baggage she’s ditched from her past, she still hasn’t managed to shake her greatest weakness-men. So when her new neighbor turns out to be single and oh-so-sexy,
Mia’s worried she’s playing with fire . . .

Kevin McKnight can’t get enough of his gorgeous neighbor, but after one amazing night, she’s already
showing him the door. Something tells him this is the way she handles most men. But Kevin is far from your average guy-and he’s ready to prove it to Mia. When a blast from her past shakes up Mia’s life in a major way, will she stick with her self-sufficient
solo act . . . or take a chance leaning on Kevin’s strong shoulders?


The kiss started out sweet, soft, but cranked to intense quickly, a hot, deep, wet connection
that reminded her that their bodies knew each other, craved each other like air, and that being this close was inviting the inexplicable maelstrom that occurred every time she let him put his hands on her. She stopped thinking then, just let herself feel,
starting with the pure sensation of his solid, hard-muscled body against hers and ending with the heat of his mouth as he deepened the kiss.

He put his hands on her now, in her hair, holding her face, then with a groan glided them down
her body, touching everything he could as he trapped her between the hard desk and his tough body. He stroked her breasts, then slid his hands beneath her clothes to warm her flesh with his hands, and the simmer burst into flames.

When he finally pulled back, she was grateful to have the desk behind her holding her up, because
he’d just decimated her, burst right through her every single defense with one simple kiss.

Simple? Ha! She’d never been kissed, so thoroughly, so deliberately, so absolutely fully.

He staggered back a step himself, looking surprised and just as shaky. “There,” he said in a voice
low and ragged and satisfyingly hoarse. “You’re finally speechless. I like you that way.”

She stared at him, let out a sound of disgust, and pushed past him to the door. “You’re an ass.”

She slammed the door behind her, a gaffe that surely announced in a scream how he
affected her, but she couldn’t seem to help it. No more,
she told herself. No more. She was Mia Appleby, ad exec,
queen of her world, and no one made her crazy. She kept her cool at all times.

Author Bio:

New York Times Bestselling author Jill Shalvis wrote RESCUE MY HEART and FOREVER AND A DAY, along with many other romance novels including her acclaimed Lucky Harbor series. The Rita winner and 3-time National Readers Choice winner makes her home near Lake Tahoe. Visit her website at for a complete book list and daily blog, and for other news.

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