vegasWhat Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube I believe got its title from Prince Harry – who had a party weekend in Vegas and everything ended up on YouTube.  It is all about how there is no such thing as privacy, especially on the internet, and ways to protect yourself on social media and the internet.  It has a lot of information about people who lost their job based on tweets or facebook posts.  There are tips like – don’t lie to your boss and then show up at a party in a tutu on Facebook. (Or you know – just don’t lie to your boss, period.)  Be careful about what you tweet and think about it before pressing send – a lot of people write  tweets in anger and they come back to haunt them or cause them to lose their job.  There are always ways to help you get jobs on the internet in the book – using sites like LinkedIn to your advantage.  (See, the internet isn’t all bad if you know how to use it!)

Near the end of the book there are a couple of quizzes to help make sure that you truly are understanding what you are reading.

While this book is more geared towards adults and those who are working, I think that it could work very well in educating younger generations on what not to do (or to do) on the internet as they approach high school and college – nothing on the internet ever really goes away – and I think if you grow up knowing that and realizing that there are consequences then you’ll be less likely to make these mistakes and blunders that could cost you a job in the future.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Privacy is dead. Reputations are dying. Don’t let it happen to your company, your team, or your family. You need to turn this potential liability into leadership, and you need to start today. Learn the art and science behind why digital reputations are determining: business winners and losers, your child’s future, effective vs. ineffective CEOs & school teachers, your team’s culture, church congregation sizes, your next job, everything…

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