Book Review: Men at Work

Men At Work – Why Women Live Longer Than Men is a series of photos put together into a book by Cheezburger Network.  It is basically just men doing a LOT of dumb things and that is of course why women will live longer than them.  There is a ranking system of just how ridiculous what they are doing is – from 1 to 5 thumbs up – 1 being duct  taped, 3 being jury rigged and 5 being epic kludge – with each thumb up having a different kind of wrap or bandaid on it to show the level of severity.

Some of the photos are hilarious all on their own – others it is the caption that totally puts it over the edge.  But I think the moral of the story is, men do stupid things. A lot.

I received a free e-copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

From the New York Times best-selling author/website Cheezburger Network, a hilarious compilation of over 100 photos featuring the heights of male incompetence and showcasing the feats, follies, foibles, and questionable DIY activities of men at work in the home, the office, and just about anywhere.

Men at Work showcases dozens of original full-color photos based on the popular websites There, I Fixed It and FAIL Blog, two of the most trafficked Cheezburger sites. From precarious ladder placement and jungle gym scaffolding to questionable balancing of two-ton mechanical equipment, Men at Work dares to offer a possible reason for why women live longer than men.


Picture after picture offers valid explanation as to why this life span gender bias exists. It seems that whether they are washing windows, paving roads, or attending to questionable DIY repairs at home, men at work tend to balance risk with reward. If the ladder isn’t tall enough, turn it into a scaffold by using a picnic table as the base and then add some plywood, along with a concrete cinder block and paint can — voilà!, problem solved. Or, if that 50-story skyscraper lacks a window ledge, create one yourself with a carefully placed 2 x 4. This rollicking collection offers dozens of full color photographs that illustrate the notion that to live longer, perhaps men just need to work a tad bit smarter.

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