Idol Top 4.  I am so done with this season that I didn’t even have my laptop ready for a song by song critique this week.  And I’m writing this now on Thursday the afternoon after I’ve watched so the details may be hazy.  I would give round 1 to Amber.  Round 2, I don’t know.  But I don’t think anyone really wants her [Amber] to win.  For me, Idol is all about growing as a contestant.  While Kree was the early front runner, all her performances have remained consistent.  Good, but she’s kind of flatlined for me.  The other contestants seem to have growth every week.  While there are rumors of no one going home this week because the save wasn’t used (although, don’t they typically double up on eliminations when it is used?) I wouldn’t be surprised if it is Kree.  I want to like Angie, but there is still something about her that I am just not digging.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, still.    Everyone seemed to cheat with One Hit Wonders and did songs that were 1 hit for someone and then were made more popular by other groups.  I don’t know, to me, that’s not a one hit wonder.  If you’re singing it and I can go “Hey, The BeeGees and Destiny’s Child did this song too” then it’s not a One Hit Wonder.  When you sit there going “Oh yeah this song was popular in the year XX and I can’t for the life of me remember who sang it!” That, to me, is a one hit wonder.

Honestly, this season has just been SUCH a mess – get rid of Nicki, get rid of Jimmy.  We don’t need 4 judges and we certainly don’t need 5… And can you put at least ONE cute boy in the competition? Geez.  No wonder why the ratings are falling.  Guys win every season for a reason.  That is who the voters enjoy.  I am not even sure I’ll watch next season.  I said the same about this season but only watched again because of Johnny.  Hopefully he won’t try out again next year so I don’t have to be devastated and then tortured for another year!

Well, my prediction was right – no one went home.  But again – didn’t they ALWAYS do a double elimination the next week? And the one year they decide to add in another week they don’t need it? Fishy.  Candice and Amber were also the bottom 2, which I’m not really thrilled about either.  This weeks votes will be added to next weeks for the final tally.

However, I guess Idol has heard all my “there are no cute boys!” rants and had my boo, Stefano, on to sing his new single Yes To Love <3

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