Gatwick Bear is the story of a bear who lived at the Gatwick Airport. (Was he named after the airport or the airport after him?)  He is having a grand old time living and playing at the airport – that is until the CCTV system tracks him down and he gets kicked out.

Somehow after getting kicked out of the airport, Gatwick Bear finds himself wrapped up with top secret agents and stolen money and all sorts of fun and dangerous things.

This book is geared for young readers, so each chapter is very short and it is very easy to read.  The story is full of action and adventure so if you have a young reader, I am sure they will enjoy following Gatwick along on all of his adventures. He bumps into a lot of great and interesting characters, some of which stick around longer than others.

What will end up happening? Will he get caught up in all the crime that is going on? Or will he make it back to the airport to continue to hide out? Something else completely? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

I received a free e-copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

I’m nothing like any other bear. First of all, I have an unbearable name. You might have already seen me stomping around the airport named after me. (Or, was I named after the airport?) Whatever! If you’ve never seen me, you need to look around more carefully next time you’re in departures – I might be there! You’ll recognise me because my fur is mega-ruffled at the back and super-tidy at the front. Oh, yes, also I have a navy-blue waistcoat sewn on me like those once worn by old-fashioned bears. Until I was spotted over the CCTV system by security I had quite a boring little life at the airport. But all that changed suddenly when I boarded a plane while being hunted down by the vicious Miss Acid, the Head of Security. And, soon after, I got caught up in the dangerous world of top secret agents.
Will I go back to living the sorry life of poverty at Gatwick Airport, or am I made for grander things? Read my story to find out!

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