Idol Top 8

It’s Motor City week in the land of Idol… and they’re doing duets.  I’m writing this after watching at 1am after seeing a P!NK show that was absolutely amazing – so if I think everyone sucks and my write up seems half assed – well, now you know why.  I won’t be talking about the duets because we’re skipping them (and I’ll catch up to them at some point)

Candice –  Heard It Through The Grapevine – I don’t like her singing this song.

Lazaro – For Once In My Life – Yay! Lazaro is back!

Janelle – You Keep Me Hanging On – Nice to see someone w/ a guitar but I still don’t like her

Devin – Tracks of My Tears – Wasn’t too bad, but I think America is out to get him either way

Burnell – My Cherie Amor – I liked this performance. Great song choice

Angie – Shop Around – Probably my least favorite performance from her yet

Amber – Lately – Decent performance

Kree – Don’t Play That Song – Another great performance from Kree. Go figure. 😉

Bottom 3 – this is tough.  I think Devin will be the one to go home so I’d say Devin, Amber, Burnell

We were treated to two of my favorites… Katharine McPhee and Colton Dixon! Boy oh Boy!

And all the boys are in the bottom 3! I betcha the producers are happy with that!

Burnell is safe.

And Devin has to sing for the save!

The judges are not unanimous and BYE BYE DEVIN.

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