Product Review: MailPix Prints & Enlargements

Recently I was contacted by MailPix and asked to try out their services on 4×6 prints and a photo enlargement.  I jumped at the chance because my “To Print” folder on my desktop was getting to be a bit out of hand and I am always in the market for new photo printing sites to try out to see who has great quality photos for my scrapbook!  I was also excited because I had been wanting to get my meet and greet photo with The Wanted printed and I knew that something more than my typical 5×7 was needed because, well, it’s the best meet and greet photo of all time (if I do say so myself)!  I opted to get a 12×18 of the photo (though the thought of getting it poster sized did cross my mind) but they also offer 11×14 photos if you’re looking for something just a bit bigger than the typical 8×10/8×12 enlargements.

I put it in this too big frame so it would be flat (came shipped in a tube) so ignore the strange reflection of my belt and shoe insert and who knows what else it picked up on.


To order the prints it was super simple.  I did have to install Microsoft Silverlight which is basically just a program to enhance your web experience (You may even already have it, but since my computer is new I didn’t).  That downloaded really quickly. Then I created a new collection and hit “Upload Photos”. For the photos I was going to order as 4×6 I used the express upload and they were uploaded incredibly fast.  In less than 5 minutes, I think (but I wasn’t timing it).  This was impressive because sometimes I feel like I spend hours waiting for the photos to upload to other printing websites. For the one I was getting enlarged I used the Large Upload button which is recommended for posters and gifts.  (There is also a in the middle option – Fast Upload for prints up to 8×12).  Once everything is uploaded they all show up on the screen and then on the right is a list of all the different print sizes and prices with a – and + button so you can select what print size you want. (I also want to note that they have 5×5, 8×8 and 12×2 prints for Instagram photos! Which I definitely will be checking out soon because sometimes I really want to put an instagram photo in the scrapbook but I’ve yet to find a place to print them!)

4x6s sorted by show waiting to be organized until I have time to scrap them!

Once you are ready to check out they have 2 print options – Full Bleed (Cropped) or Fit To Page (Not Cropped).  There is a green box around all of the photos so that you can crop them how you want and make sure that everyone’s heads are in the frame and all that good stuff 🙂 This is a definite plus because many other sites don’t let you do that and they decide how they want to crop them and this always leaves me annoyed because someones head is ALWAYS cut off.  (I have a tendency of getting carried away with my zoom button at times which leads to this problem) I’m glad that I can make sure that won’t happen on MailPix!

I placed the order on Tuesday night and I had them by the following Monday! I was a little bit concerned about the 4x6s because they uploaded so quickly.  I thought they may end up pixelated or grainy.  But they look amazing!  No visible difference between MailPix’s super fast uploading and the competitors uploading that takes forever and a day.  I am very particular about my digital photo printing since they all go in my scrapbook and I was impressed and they certainly pass my test and I will have no problem sticking them in my upcoming scrapbook layouts. I even got a 4×6 print a friend took of me and Mark from Action Item on her iPhone and it looks great as well.

Two big thumbs up and a recommendation for you to check out MailPix for sure!
I received 50 free 4×6 prints and a photo enlargement of my choice for free in order to do this review. I was not otherwise compensated and all thoughts and opinions in this review are 100% mine.


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