Book Review: Born to Blog

Born To Blog is everything that you need to know about starting up a blog, whether it be for personal or business reasons.  Most of the tips in the book I’ve already known about, but there were a few new aspects that I have to think a bit about and see if I can implement them here at ConcertKatie.

If you are looking to start a blog then I definitely recommend you read this book to help figure out what kind of voice you want your blog to have as well as to learn why schedules are important.  I try to stick to a post a day, but a post every weekday may be more your style.

If you are starting a blog for a business – well, I only skimmed over those chapters but I am sure they will be just as helpful as the rest of the book.  I just didn’t need to know anything about business blogs.

If you are stuck with finding content (which has been my problem this month for the first time in a long time!) They have some helpful tips and ways to think up things that you can talk about to your readers.

They also offer pros and cons on the blogging platforms – Blogger, Tumblr (I don’t consider this to be a real blog!) and WordPress.  I use self-hosted WordPress and am more than happy with it – if you have any questions about it feel free to leave me a comment.  I’ve also used Blogger and I use Tumblr but just for reblogging silly internet things, nothing too serious!

I received a free e-copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in order to write this review.  I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Launch a business and ignite a movement with a powerhouse blog!

Born to Blog is filled with practical, street-smart techniques and ideas to help you create and manage a winning business blog. Learn how to attract a loyal following, promote your blog, and write powerful content that generates new business.

“If your dream is to launch a business or publish a book, then read Born to Blog! You’ll realize the blogger way is your fastest path to success.” — MICHAEL STELZNER, founder of Social Media Examiner and author of Launch

Born to Blog makes blogging accessible and fun for anyone. Read it, use it, and watch your business grow.” — JAY BAER, founder of Convince and Convert and coauthor of The Now Revolution

“Read this book, then go blog like you were born to do so.” — JASON FALLS, founder of Social Media Explorer and coauthor of No Bullshit Social Media and The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing

“Blogging beginners and seasoned pros alike will find valuable advice they can put to use immediately.” — LEO WIDRICH, cofounder, Buffer

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