I should probably save this post for my book, which I have still not yet started writing, but I did start mapping out topics so at least I am moving in the right direction, but I just wanted to share some presale mis-haps that have happened in the last couple of weeks.

1. Maroon 5 – I joined their fanclub the night before the presale and everything was all well and good.  I got the code when I needed to and headed to ticketmaster.  For 30 minutes NO seats whatsoever came up.  Then a pair finally came up but I was also supposed to be at a meeting for work so I lost them.  Then the SAME pair ended up coming back after another 15 minutes of NOTHING. So I snatched them.  Not the best seats, not the worst, but last time the show sold out so badly that not even broker sites had tickets! (I have never seen such a thing before) so I had to make sure I’d be getting through the doors.

2. Big Time Rush – I didn’t join their fanclub because I saw that they had a Fan Club bundle pack going on which means you can see what seat you would get and then it tacks the $20 fanclub fee on to the ticket purchase.  I picked Rows 1-26 but the 2nd section row DD kept coming up (which I guess is technically row 26 or there abouts) but I had made a deal with myself I’d only go if I got front section seats.  Then the Credit Card presale started and I pulled up THIRD ROW… except that I do not have an american express card and you needed one to check out. So I lost it.  Then my coworker walked by so I asked if he had an American Express card and he DID.  Fortunately he is a nice guy and let me use it (and I gave him most of the cash right then and the rest the next day) and I ended up getting something like 11th row. Moral of the story? Think about getting an American Express card (as if I do not already have enough credit cards!)

As for my book – my plan was to start writing it in May when I am on the plane to Tulsa to see Hanson. (Ignore the fact that I wanted to have it “out” but the end of last year!) I have a skeleton table of contents being worked on and a TON of ideas going on in my head – just finding the time to put things down on paper is hard – especially considering I was just asked by my job to work overtime.   (The good thing is – and I’ll spill this secret – I have a LOT of posts pre-written for the next couple of months – mostly book reviews – so it hopefully will not affect my ability to continue blogging every day,  since I really only need to fill in a few blanks with The Voice and Idol posts every week.)

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