Get Glue Stickers February

(in order of received, not in order on the sheet)

Grey’s Take The Lead
Fringe – One Night In October
Nikita – Falling Ash
Dexter Season 6 Premiere
Gossip Girl – Beauty and the Feast
EW Fall TV Walk On
Big Bang Theory Raj
Gossip Girl – Riding in Town Cars with Boys
Charlie Brown Christmas
Smurfs DVD
James Durbin
Glee hold On To 16
Peter Monkees
Glee Music Volume 2
Mike Monkees
Check In Legend
Dexter Fan

A Reliable Wife
Box Office
Burlesque Christina
Burlesque Cher
Hard Ball
4- Hour Body 2 weeks
Hardball Junkie
George Lopez
Let’s Play Hardball
Love & Other Drugs
Pretty Little Liars Thanksgiving
The Walking Dead
Sarah Palin’s Alaska
George Lopez
Tangled Coming Soon
Team Coco
The Daily Rundown
The Walking Dead Zombie
Glee Tina
Water for Elephants



(in order earned, not order on sheet)

Fringe: Wallflower
Dexter: Trust
Gossip Girl: All The Pretty Sources
Gossip Girl: Fan
Sophia Grace and Rosie on Ellen
Ellen Stage 1
Modern Family: Pumpkin Chunkin
Dexter: Wrath
Gossip Girl: Rhodes to Perdition
Glee: I Kissed a Girl
XFactor Top 5
Modern Family: Express Christmas
Dexter: Sacrifice
Willy Wonka
Glee: Extraordinary Merry Christmas
Dexter: Finale
Shrek the Halls
Pretty Little Liars: Winter Premiere
Modern Family: Lifetime Supply
Pretty Little Liars: Hot Piece of A

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