The Voice – Final Battle Rounds

Could it be? Finally the final battle rounds of The Voice!? Hooray!  (Although unfortunately I’m going to miss next week live because I’ll be hanging out at a Tyler Hilton concert… but I’ll catch up when I get home and get a recap posted, don’t you worry!)

The promos on the news said that CeeLo cried. I teased and said “what did he have to pick between two pretty girls?”  But in the intro to the show we see that his 2 remaining battles are all guys.  That’ll show me to tease CeeLo for loving the ladies 😉

Team CeeLo

James vs Wade
True Colors – Cyndi Lauper
My Pick: James
CeeLo’s Pick:  James

Team Adam

Nicole vs Mathai
Love Song – Sara Barreilles
My Pick: Mathai
Adam’s Pick:  Mathai

Team Christina

Moses vs The Line
I Can’t Get No Satisfaction – Rolling Stones
My Pick: The Line
Christina’s Pick:  Moses

Team Adam

Orlando vs Karla
Easy Like Sunday Morning – Commodores
My Pick: Orlando
Adam’s Pick: Karla

Team Blake

Jordan vs Naia
Im Yours – Jason Mraz
My Pick: Naia
Blake’s Pick: Naia

Team CeeLo

Tony vs Justin
Faithfully – Journey
My Pick: Tony
CeeLo’s Pick: Tony


4/6 this week… looking forward to the live shows next week!  There were a lot of great battles tonight, so I’m hoping the live ronds will be especially great!

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