The Voice Battle Rounds 3

I think I got the banner fixed. I don’t know why it was showing up so black last week – I like it much better with the white / transparent background.  This week we have more battle rounds.

Team Adam

Pip vs Nathan
Amy Winehouse – You Know I’m No Good
My Pick: Pip
Adam’s Pick: Pip

Team Cee Lo

Erin vs The Shields Brothers
Tina Turner – What’s Love Got To Do With It
My Pick: The Shields Brothers
Cee Lo’s Pick: Erin

(I had a feeling Cee Lo was going to pick her, but I try to pick who I would pick if I was a coach – not try to pick who I think the coaches will pick!)

Team Christina

Ashley vs Jonathas
Jordin Sparks/Chris Brown – No Air
My Pick: Ashley
Christina’s Pick: Ashley

Team Blake

Alyx vs Jermaine
Billy Ocean – Get Out Of My Dreams
My Pick: Jermaine
Blake’s Pick: Jermaine

Team Adam

Angel vs Katrina
Leona Lewis – Bleedin’ Love
My Pick: Katrina
Adam’s Pick:  Katrina

Team Blake

Gwen vs Erin
Pat Benatar – We Belong
My Pick:  Erin (but this was a tough one!)
Blake’s Pick:  Erin


Well, it looks like I was 5/6 this week – not bad, not bad.  One more week of battles next week and then time for the live round! 2 more for Adam, 1 more for Blake, 1 more for Christina and 2 more for Cee Lo will be picked next week!

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