On Tuesday, Hanson had announced that they were doing a concert series in Jamaica in January 2013 – during all the excitement to get $500 to put a downpayment on a room at the resort for the next day’s booking – One Direction announced their US tour.  (And then we accidentally booked the wrong dates for Jamaica and I spent half the day Wednesday on the phone panicking and getting everything straightened out!)

I was quickly able to find a friend willing to do VIP for the NYC show with me.  I checked my bank account to see if it would be possible to pull off putting $500 for Jamaica and 2 $350 VIP tickets on my account (I could, barely!) and got ready for Thursday at 4pm when the on sale was.

I had never used VIP Nation before and VIP Nation very much underestimated the power of the fan girl.  (I also think in addition to One Direction VIP, Drake VIP went on sale a few hours earlier and KiSS VIP earlier that day) The site pretty much immediately crashed and by the time I did get the NYC page to load again – it said it was Sold Out!

Turns out the 1D fans “melted” 3 of the servers and then at 8pm it was time to try again once everything was beefed up to handle the traffic.  At 8pm the site was still not working for me and when I finally got in it said that all tickets were reserved.  For the next 3 hours I refreshed hoping that 2 tickets would pop up.  At first, only 1 did.  I passed.  I had to make sure my friend and I would both be going. When 2 did pop up, by the time I got to my cart it said that it was gone again! (And while all this was going on there was a wootoff and I was trying to get a Bag of Crap. No luck there either!)

I honestly can not recall a time EVER before where I put so much time in to attempting to get tickets only to end up with NOTHING.  This morning, the regular on sale tickets went on sale for the tour – but considering that The Beacon Theater is so small and the VIP onsale still left a bad taste in my mouth, I opted to skip this tour entirely.

There was a rumor that Wallingford was supposed to be one of the dates, so I will just hope that it ends up getting added at a later date. If not, I’ve seen 1D once before and for now that’s ok.  And, I still have my Hanson trip to Jamaica to look forward to for the next 9 months.  (Or if there is anyone out there reading this that can hook me up with 2 tickets to the matinee Beacon Theater show – let me know!)