availabletartThe Available Tart begins with  Anastasia needing to get home from a gig in London back to the US because one of her Tart sisters is in the hospital.  Her manager doesn’t want her to get home so he has all her money and passport – but somehow she makes it home.

Things fast foward a bit and the Tinseltown Tarts are on tour.  Pete is following them to several midwestern shows – he gets vetted to make sure he’s not crazy and then gets invited backstage by the band so he can meet Ann – The Available Tart.

The two seem to hit it off and the other girls “circle” him – which is a series of tests to make sure that he is serious about his relationship with Ann.

The book was a fun look at the behind the scenes of this tour with these 4 females in a rock n roll band and a budding romance with a guy who is divorced and doesn’t want his heart broken again.

The book sets up for the sequel which should be available soon.

I enjoyed reading this book – it seemed to be pretty accurate of what I know of the touring life and was a fun read.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review.  I was not otherwise compensated.
About the Book

The Tinseltown Tarts are a middle-aged, four member, once wildly popular all-female rock ‘n’ roll band from California. Facing a midlife crisis, Pete follows them on their Midwestern tour. He’s keeping his distance, but he’s on one of the member’s radar…and she’s actually available. The book’s a fast-paced, humorous, sometimes serious male-perspective “romance” novel with a trashy title and many layers.

Musicians seem to love this book, probably because it accurately depicts their world and delineates the earthquake-like changes which have forever altered it. The Available Tart describes the beauty of the Midwest, lovemaking during a thunderstorm, includes a visit to the Minnesota State Fair and a trout stream valley, briefly touches on the sights of Minneapolis/St. Paul, and even features a goat. The subject matter includes (tasteful) adult situations (after all, Pete is chasing a rock ‘n’ roll goddess).

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