The June 2013 box was an interesting mix of items.

Adobadas Chips

Enjoy an exclusive taste of potato chips with Mexican flair. They’re best sellers south of the border! Qué rico (how delicious), no?
These chips were from Lays, but kind of reminded me of pringles.  The flavor was not as strong as I was expecting, but does become a bit over powering after a handful of chips.  The packaging is unique, but it is hard to reach your hand into and we think that it led to the chips being cracked.


Honey Dijon Seaweed Crumbles

Crumbles of salty roasted seaweed with the sweet zing of honey mustard. Who knew the healthiest vegetable on the planet could taste so good?
It took a while to wrap our head around eating Seaweed.  We were sitting around and my mom went “Hey Katie! Can I try some of that seaweed?” And she was so excited about it.  My Dad started cracking up because he thought she was going to say something like “chocolate”.  Honey Dijon is one of my favorite flavors so that was definitely a great pick.  We tried it just as a snack and it had a kind of nasty after taste but agreed it would probably go better in soup or a salad but have yet to get around to trying it that way.


Mango, Pineapple, Banana, Chia & Acerola

Eat this right from the squeeze-pouch to enjoy 100% natural tropical fruit puree with chia. It’s healthy, fun and convenient!
This recommends that you eat it from the squeeze-pouch but I had the grand idea to squeeze it out.  Bad idea!  It smelled really good, tasted as good as it smelled (although the seeds in it I didn’t particularly care for) but it did not look good at all.  Next time I’ll stick to their suggestion on how to eat it! 


Dream Water NightTEA Night

Enjoy a shot of this subtly citrusy Dream Water and you’ll sleep soundly tonight. Rest easy knowing it’s drug free, made with natural ingredients.
I’m a bit nervous to try this so I haven’t yet.


Highland Shortbread

Crisp, crumbly and comforting, these shortbread cookies taste of pure goodness thanks to top-notch ingredients and an age-old Scottish recipe.
Boy do I love me some Shortbread so it was no surprised that I tried these cookies FIRST!  There were 2 in the package and they were certainly delicious.  A great snack coming in at only 110 or so calories for the two, I may have to stash a box of these at work (and hope I can limit myself to only 2 a day as my snack!)


Pringles Stix Cheese

Thin, crisp and buttery breadsticks coated in cheddar cheesy goodness. Pringles Stix are rich, totally unique and fun to munch!
These are great. The rest of the family said they smelled and tasted fake, but I had no problem snacking on them! The back was also resealable which is a big plus.



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