Kayne’s “Yeezus” Twitter Reviews | DAILY REHASH | Ora TV

Daily Rehash is a great site that posts some hilarious vidoes and goes over the top trends on Twitter – see above where Eric goes over some recent Hip Hop releases. Dare you not to laugh.  I’m totally out of my element with hip hop too – the only thing I know about the album releases for that day? Hanson released ANTHEM. (And Stephen Kellogg released his solo album as well)

I also didn’t realize that Kanye had an ad for Yeezus that was a remake (knock off?) of American Psycho with his sister in law’s (? Just what is Kourtney to him anyway?) husband in it.  Interesting.  Check out the Daily Rehash clip to see what I’m talking about.  They actually play both together incase you have no idea what American Psycho is. (Like me.  There are approximately 3843298320432 movies I’ve never seen and “need to”.)


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