Saturday night was my 82nd Hanson Show.  We got to the Fillmore in Silver Springs Maryland shortly after doors had opened and got a spot up in the handicapped area of the balcony.  There were 2 opening acts – Honor By August and Parachute.  I have to say, I think this was the best 1-2 punch of Hanson openers in a long, long time. If ever.  Both of the bands were really great and it was easy to get pumped for Hanson.

With 2 big shows in NYC coming up, it seemed like for this show they were trying some new things out so it will be interesting to see what ends up happening.  They did several songs off the new album, ANTHEM – including Juliet and Tragic Symphony which I had not yet heard live.  (I have only 3 songs off this album now I havent heard live and it is not even out yet!)  They did a few songs where they just transitioned from one into another which was pretty neat and they even did one of the new Members Only EP songs – On and On that was debuted in Tulsa last month.

Highlights include: On and On where Zac and Tay were on guitar and Isaac on percussion, Change In My Life that was done acapella around 1 mic, Juliet where Taylor was on the drums…

The encore was a little bit weird. We were hoping for If Only but instead got This Time Around (one that we’re not all that fond of) and a girl jumped on stage and went to grab Taylor.  I think this is the 3rd time I have seen that happen at a show and I know it’s happened multiple other times as well.  Contain yourselves, ladies!  And then they did Save Me.  I have only heard this song a couple of times previous so it was definitely a nice surprise, but a bit strange to end the show on.

After the show we parked right by where they were having everyone line up to see the guys after the show.  For a while I thought that they were not going to come out, but much to my surprise all 3 of them did and the crowd was pretty calm and we were able to get photos with all 3 of them!  The downside – we didn’t get back home until 3:30am but I think that was a fair trade off.

Relaxing now before the road trip continues to NJ/NY…

Fired up
In the city
I’ve got soul
Where’s the love
Already home
You can’t stop us now
Been there before
On and on
Change in my life
Scream and be free
Waiting for this
Minute without you
Crazy beautiful
Penny and me
Tragic Symphony
Thinking bout somethin
Give a little
Get the girl back
Somethin going round

This time around
Save me

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