Book Review: Focus On Close-Up and Macro Photography (Focus On series)

The Focus On series is something I think I will be checking out more of in the near future.  This book focuses all on Close-Up and Macro photography.  There are a lot of great tips and tricks in the book and of course a lot of really great Macro photography throughout the book.  I don’t really consider myself to be a photographer but I do like to try and take decent pictures so this book was definitely helpful and I did find myself trying to use some of the techniques when I was in Tulsa recently.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Want to get the best out of your digital camera? Not quite sure how to capture up-close shots? Want easy to follow, expert advice on the best ways to creatively capture macro shots you can be proud of?

This is your ticket to go beyond a snapshot to create a fine art print that you’ll be so proud of. Macro and close-up photography involves a unique skill set in terms of exposure, lighting, and of course, composition in particular. You can take a quick photo of a sunflower in your back yard that will look mundane and typical OR you could learn how to take a picture of just a part of it-up close-and create a work of art. Let this book be your guide!

Book Review: Focus on Travel Photography

Appropriately enough, I read this book on the flight to Tulsa – when I was going to be taking Travel Photography.  This book has a lot of great photos and the details with what kind of cameras they were taken with and all the specs.  I’m kind of in between the manual and automatic set ups with my camera, I don’t have an SLR and that seemed to be what this book more leans towards showing you, but it also talks about how smaller cameras can still get great photos and not make it so obvious that you are taking them.  I definitely kept the info in this book in the back of my mind while I was traveling, but I didn’t end up taking nearly as many photos as I was hoping I would.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.

Aabout the Book

Author Haje Jan Kamps knows that you are travelling for two good reasons: to experience great things, and to get great photos of your travels. He also understands very well how people’s eyes tend to glaze over when phrases like “Circles of Confusion” or the “Inverse Square Law” are brandished about, and focuses instead on great photographs, and how to take them. A realistic and easy-to-follow approach to travel photography puts the fun back into photography, and by following a series of simple exercises, you’ll learn much more about photography than you would have thought possible!

Focus on Travel Photography covers the basics of photography in brief before throwing itself into the real essence of travel photography: landscapes, people, and capturing the spirit of your destination. Finally, the author explores how you can download, edit, and distribute your photos while you’re on the move-all without being over-burdened with equipment.

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