Sudden death part 2 is here! I am still not sure I’ll continue watching past this – but I want to see what happens to some of the others and maybe I’ll develop a new favorite… (Although I already have dates blocked out for my posts about the show and I’m probably too lazy to come up with something else to post!)

Melinda – Fun start to the night, not a bad performance but she needs to work on her breathing while singing

Candice – Great, strong performance

Juliana – Not impressed with this performance

Jett – Mediocre performance. May not have been bad enough for her to go home but it wasn’t a show stopper

Cristabel – Another performance that I was not impressed with.  Last week’s girls were much better.

Aubrey – Finally. Another one that is good!

Rachel – Love her!

Breanna – I guess they were getting all the mediocre singers out of the way in the beginning.

Janelle – I’m torn on this performance. It wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t awful either.  I guess I’d rank her at the top of my middle girls.

Zoanette – I was talking so much shit about her before the performance, she starts the circle of life and I was like… oh no.. (its my favorite movie) and then… WOW.

My picks for going home – Melinda, Juliana, Jett, Cristabel, Janelle

And the Judges say…

Home – Melinda, Juliana, Cristabel, Jett, Rachel
Stay –  Zoanette, Aubrey, Candice, Breanna, Janelle

4/5… really shocked that I didn’t get 5 for 5 this week and truly think that last decision by the judges was incorrect.


Mathenee – A fun song to start the night, but not sure if its strong enough for him to continue

Gurpreet – Not a strong performance from him.

Vincent – Wow. best so far (not that thats saying much)

Nick – Not a fan of the song choice but not a bad performance

Josh – Not a great performance at all.

David – up beat! and pretty good! yay!

Bryant – A great performance!

Burnell – The hand movements were a bit distracting but a good performance

Lazaro – Great performance from Lazaro, as usual.

Cortez – Started strong, ended strong but the middle was questionable. This is going to make my picks difficult.

My picks for going home – Mathenee, Gurpreet, Josh, Nick, Bryant

And the judges say…

Home – David, Bryant, Mathenee, Josh, Gupreet
Staying –  Vincent, Lazaro, Cortez, Burnell, Nick


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