Tuesday night we had the girls, Wednesday night the boys and Thursday night the top 10 as voted by America will be announced!  There is a new way to support your favorites this season – you can cast a vote directly from the American Idol vote! With super vote you can allot your 50 votes however you’d like – split amongst multiple contestants or all for 1!  You can vote all at once which will make things super easy (and also give them RECORD BREAKING vote numbers!)

But first – the girls

Zoanette – Whats Love Got To Do With It – Back to not being too amazed with her. Not sure that was Top 10 material.

Breanna – Flaws and All – Great performance from Breanna, though I didn’t like the song. Don’t agree w/ Nicki at all. Probably not a top performance, but shouldn’t be the bottom either, I don’t think. But we’ll see.

Aubrey – Big Girls Dont Cry – Really great performance. Great song choice.

Janelle – If I Can Dream – Not sure I really liked this performance.

Tenna – Lost – I’m kind of torn on this performance. She sounded good but I couldn’t understand a damn thing she was singing.

Angie – Never Gone – She loses major points for singing a Colton song because I think he is ridiculous – but she did a good job.

Amber – I Believe In You and Me – Never a good idea to take on Whitney but she did pretty good with it.

Kree – Stronger – Kree is pretty good and the judges love her so I think she’ll have no problem making it to the top 10 though im not really sure if I like her or not.

Adriana – Stand Up For Love – I hate to say this, but I agree with Nicki.  She kind of lost herself a bit and I just didn’t feel it.

Candice – Ordinary People – Another great performance from Candice!


These are my picks but it was NOT easy and im probably so wrong… like the judges say there is a good group here and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some twist related to the Top 10 being more than 10 up the producers sleeves…

Home – Zoanette, Janelle, Adrianna, Tenna, Breanna
Top 10 – Aubrey, Angie, Amber, Kree, Candice


Elijah – Stay – Not impressed. I dont think it was the right song choice.

Cortez – Locked Out Of Heaven – I want to like him but he always seems to be right on the cusp of greatness and misses it.

Charlie – Mama – So, so bad. So bad. Did I mention it was bad?

Nick – Iris – Considering the epic fail of everyone ahead of him so far, this may be enough to get him through but I didnt really dig it.

Burnell – I’m Here – Best of the night so far but his arms are still really distracting.

Paul – Just a Fool – He’s still theatrical but it wasn’t bad. He could make it to the top 10.

Lazaro – Feeling Good – looooooooove him. cant get over just how amazing he sings and the transformation that singing does to him

Curtis – I Believe I Can Fly – Another great performance.

Devin – It’s Impossible – Can’t get over the elimination that got him through so please go home. 😉 (At least he didn’t totally suck because I think then I’d have been more annoyed)

Vincent  – End Of The Road – I wasn’t entirely blown away but it but it wasn’t bad either

My picks… I tried to be objective.

Home –  Cortez, Elijah, Charlie, Paul, Vincent
Top 10 –  Nick, Burnell, Lazaro, Curtis, Devin


And now we find out who america voted as the top 10 in a SUPERSIZED episode of American Idol!

5 guys and 5 girls will make it to the Top 10.  And right now no one knows who is going through except Ryan.

1st to top 10 – Paul

2nd through- Burnell

3rd through – Curtis

4th through – Devin

And the last of the guys – Lazaro!

Which puts me at 4/5 for the guys!

And now for the girls…

1st in the top 10 – Janelle

2nd – Candice

3rd – Angie

4th – Amber

5th – Kree!

And 4/5 for the girls.  Hmm. Seem to have been stuck at that number through almost all the rounds!

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