Q102 Jingle Ball Philly

Show 2 of the week was the Philadelphia Q102 Jingle Ball.  We got a hotel in New Jersey and found that it wasn’t too bad of a drive to Philly and to the venue. (We had been a little nervous about that – but it all worked out fine)

Doors were at 5, show started at 6 and at first there was next to no one in the arena area.  We had seats on the side of the stage, 8 rows back. A lot of the acts came over to the side to give us some love.  Although some (Justin Bieber) seemed to favor the other side of the stage more.

Bridgit Mendler from Disney’s Good Luck Charlie kicked off the show and did 2 songs – one was her latest single Ready or Not. (I think the other song was Hurricane)

Olly Murs was up next and he did 4 songs as compared to the 3 he did the night before.  He started with Heart Skips a Beat, ended with Trouble Maker, also did Oh My Goodness and Dance With Me Tonight.  It was nice to actually see his performance, he has a TON of energy and it is hard to get photos of him because he is always on the move! He also did the theme song from the Fresh Prince since that song mentions Philadelphia.

Third up was The Wanted – which was a bit surprising. I thought that they would be a bit later on in the show. Jay and Nathan seemed to really like coming over to our side and dancing which was awesome! Their set was a bit shorter than the night before, since they weren’t headlining.  They did Chasing The Sun, Lightning, All Time Low, I Found You and Glad You Came.

And then next on the bill was – PSY! He came out and did Gangnam Style and that was it. I don’t know if anyone would have cared if he sang anything else. He seemed like he was SO serious and really into his performance. It was fun and now I get to say I saw it live.

Next up was Ed Sheeran, who I was super excited to finally get to check out. He did Lego House, A Team, You Need Me I Don’t Need You at least. (I didn’t keep track of the setlist except for Justin and The Wanted. I know, I know.) I’m not sure that the younger crowd actually “got” him, but I was very, very impressed with his performance.

Then it was time for Cher Lloyd. There was a young girl in the seat in front of me and she was cracking me up during Cher’s performance singing along. So sassy! Cher performed Swagger Jagger, Superhero, With Ur Love, Oath and Want U Back if I am remembering correctly.

One Republic was probably the band I was least excited to see of this line up, but then I realized just how many singles they had and that I pretty much knew all their set. They started off with Secrets and also did Good Life, Apologize, they debuted a new song, Stop and Stare, and maybe some others I am forgetting. But it was a good set for them.

Next up was Karmin who I used to hate but now completely love and I want to be Amy when I grow up. They performed Hello, Crash Your Party, Look at me Now, I Told You So and Brokenhearted. (I think that was everything?) They just seem to be having so much fun on stage and before they came out we saw Nick doing push ups on the back of the stage. (The stage rotated around so they could do set ups for one performance while the other was still going on. It was genius)

Then finally it was time for Justin Bieber! The girls were obviously all there for him and they went nuts. He started his set with All Around The World and then went in to Beauty and the Beat. After that he sat on a chair and did an acoustic set including Die In Your Arms, Be Alright, Fall and then Christmas Eve. He asked if we wanted another acoustic song or to do another upbeat one and then went in to As Long As You Love Me. The acoustic portion seemed to go on forever. A bra also got thrown on stage which was pretty funny. He also did Boyfriend And he ended his set with Baby. It seemed like a really abrupt ending to the set as well and when the video came on at the end saying the show was over we were a bit confused because it didn’t seem like it was over based on how he ran off the stage, but we also didn’t think he’d do an encore.

Music Monday: Hunter Hayes

Storm Warning
If You Told Me To
Love Makes Me
Faith to Fall Back On
Somebody’s Heartbreak
Rainy Season
Cry With You
Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me
What You Gonna Do
More Than I Should
All You Ever

I was first introduced to Hunter when he opened for Carrie Underwood in September.  I loved his set and came home and bought his self titled CD.  I didn’t have time to listen to it for a bit though… but better late than never. (Though I do wish I got a head start because I can not stop playing it now!)  There are a few songs on the CD I remember him performing live and they were part of the reason why I ended up liking him so much (the fact that he is adorable didn’t hurt either) Those songs are Storm Warning, Wanted and Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me.

I really think that Hunter could cross genres if he wanted – and I’m not just saying that because I am still too stubborn to admit that I like country singers.  Some of the songs sound much more country than others, some are rock and others have a bit of a John Mayerish blues quality to them. (Or maybe it is the guitar that reminds me of John)

Keep and eye out for the name Hunter Hayes – I think he will be really, really huge really, really soon!

Hunter is still out there on tour with Carrie if you get the chance to see the show – Carrie puts on a phenomenal show and Hunter is so high energy opening for her – I don’t think you will regret it if you go!

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