Kiss108 Jingle Ball

The final event of the week was the Kiss 108 Jingle Ball in Boston.  Originally I wasn’t going to go to this one because I used up all my vacation days and wouldn’t be able to have Friday off.  But then my friend made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse – 5th row tickets and a MEET AND GREET with The Wanted.

The only down side was we needed to be there by 4:30, so I had to leave the NJ hotel at 8am and drive through PA, NJ, CT and MA. (It was kind of bittersweet driving past my house exit and knowing I wouldn’t be seeing my bed for a while longer!)

As part of our VIP package we were given a backstage tour and got to see everyone’s dressing rooms and the side stage, go in the arena while Bridgit Mendler was doing soundcheck and then hang out at a pre-show party where Karmin performed.  And we also got an added bonus of meeting Alex Clare.

Everything was disorganized after that and we had NO idea when our Meet and Greet would be.  Everyone we asked told us a different time between 7:15 and 7:50. (7:50 was when Ed Sheeran was set to take the stage so we were very nervous we would miss his set!)  Finally we went over to the table and were told we had ALMOST MISSED IT.  (Thanks for the wrong information, EVERYONE!) and ended up in the back of the line.

Then they told us we could be in 2s for the photo, but wanted us to be in 4s once we got up to the front of the line. (We refused and fortunately the guy didn’t fight us on it.)  Sarah and I both like Jay the best, but he was on the far end so we decided we’d put him in the middle of the photo so we could both be on either side of him without completely ignoring the other guys.   Sarah went first and next thing I know she was throwing Jay over to me and then Max and Tom got upset and stood by the wall.  The photographer snapped a candid photo at this point that is HILARIOUS and it’ll be up on the Concert Katie Facebook page shortly! (If I didn’t get it posted already)  After the photo Jay turned and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek!  Unfortunately they kicked us out before I could say anything to or hug Max :(

We went to our seats to catch the tail end of Ed’s set – You Need Me I Don’t Need You and A-Team – and we showed up in his photo of the crowd!  I’m glad we got to see at least a little of him, though obviously I’d have like to see the whole set!

Next up was Cher Lloyd who did basically the same set as the night before.  She’s fun, but I’m still not totally sure if I like her or not.

Next up was Karmin who did basically the same set as the night before again. But they are fun and I don’t know why I ever didn’t like them!

Keenan Cahill was also there hanging out!

And then it was time for THE WANTED!!! Our seats were amazing, 5th row center – Jay pointed at Sarah and I during I Found You and Max winked at us (I guess he’s not so mad at us afterall, lol)  They did the same set from the night before too – Chasing The Sun, Lightning, All Time Low, I Found You and Glad You Came.  The set was over far too soon, but we’ve decided we will be hitting as many shows as we can when they come back to the US in 2013…

After The Wanted was Train who I really had no desire to see… but I sat there anyway. Their set was short – only 6 songs so it wasn’t too too bad. 50 Ways  If It’s Love, Mermaid, Drop of Jupiter, Hey Soul Sister and Drive By.


Then it was time for Justin! I did the whole show without earplugs too which was kind of dumb especially during Justin!  He did a similar set to the night before (All Around The World, Beauty and the Beat, Be Alright, Fall, Mistletoe, As Long AS you Love Me, Boyfriend and Baby) but I think he skipped out a couple of acoustic tracks and for the Christmas song he did Mistletoe and said he wasn’t sure he knew all the lyrics.  At one point he did stop but the crowd covered for him.  Before his last song – he TOOK OFF HIS SHIRT and the crowd went wild!  The set seemed to be a lot different than the night before – just that Justin seemed to be more into it and it didn’t end so abruptly like it did the night before. I felt like there was closure.

I then hung around in the parking garage for half an hour waiting for the traffic to go away because I couldn’t believe I had actually driven IN BOSTON (by myself!) and was convinced I’d get lost going home.  Which I did, but not too badly. (Though I think I had to pay an extra $5 toll I wouldn’t have otherwise. oops) I ended up making it home at 3am and made it in to work Friday before 10!

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