Music Monday: One Direction Take Me Home

Live While We’re Young
Kiss You
Little Things
Cmon Cmon
Last First Kiss
Heart Attack
Rock Me
Change My Mind
I Would
Over Again
Back For You
They Dont Know About Us
Summer Love

She’s Not Afraid
Loved You First
Nobody Compares
Still The One

Truly, Madly, Deeply

On November 13th One Direction released their much anticipated sophomore album, Take Me Home.  This CD seems to have a more even spread of singing by all 5 of the boys – where as the last CD seemed to be more focused on Liam and Harry.  I can hear more Zayn and solos from Louis and Niall on more songs on Take Me Home.

I have 2 versions of the CD – the yearbook edition that has a few extra tracks and I also picked up the Target edition that has 5 extra tracks (though 2 are just live versions of older songs.)  The funny thing is – I love the cover of the album and yet the 2 versions I have don’t have the cover pictured above.  The yearbook edition comes in a book and the Target edition cover is grayscale. Yes, I am thinking about getting a 3rd copy just to have the color cover. (#fangirlproblems)

The CD is good, very catchy and everything I’d expect a boyband CD to be – but it is also a little strange.  Some songs sound very much like songs that I could hear Big Time Rush singing and others sound more like Backstreet Boys songs.  I don’t know if One Direction has a distinct sound, yet, but it is just weird that so many songs made me do a bit of a double take while I was listening.   I’m not trying to be negative – I love all of the bands I mentioned.

I think my favorite tracks are Rock You and Nobody Compares – but ask me again tomorrow and I will probably tell you something completely different.   It is worth noting that 2 songs are cowritten by Ed Sheeran – Little Things and Over Again.  The One Direction boys also have writing credits on Last First Kiss, Back For You, Summer Love and Irresistible.

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Year In Review 2012

Most expensive show:  Kiss 108 Jingle Ball VIP Tix.
Least (not free) expensive show:  Tim Urban ($10), Casey James ($10)
Free shows:  SK6ers, Matt Nathanson, Love and Theft, Canaan Smith, Honor Society, Hanson (x7), Maroon 5, Javier Colon, Kris Allen, Daughtry, American Idol, Eric Hutchinson
# artists seen:  156
# unique artists seen: 74
# shows seen in CT:   34
# of shows out of state:  28
Show farthest away:  Hanson in Tulsa, OK
Closest show:  American Idols / Carrie Underwood Bridgeport, CT
$$ spent on tickets:  $726.52
Miles traveled: 13,249

Top 6 shows of the year?
Maroon 5 Live on Letterman
Mixtape Festival
Jason Mraz
Hanson @ Disney
Honor Society NYC Cd Release
Recycled Percussion show #1
(I know I kind of cheated and if you think about it this is more than 6 shows but I’m in charge and I can do what I want!)

Total number of shows in 2011?

First show of the year?
Kelly Clarkson Mashantucket, CT

First show with actual tickets:
Kelly Clarkson Mashantucket, CT

Last show of the year?
Recycled Percussion in New Hampshire

Most surprising show?
Recycled Percussion

Most disappointing?
Javier at Ridgefield Playhouse – ONLY because of the a-hole behind me ruining things, nothing to do with the performers at all.

Farthest traveled?
Tulsa, OK to see Hanson

States attended shows in?

Venue most visited?
Perhaps Ridgefield Playhouse… but I really don’t feel like figuring it out. Or maybe the venue in Disney where I saw Hanson 6x.

Worst injury?
Bruise on my leg when AJ was behind me at the BSB show

Most expensive ticket?
VIP for The Wanted at Kiss108 Jingle Ball.  Most expensive NON VIP was Philly Jingle Ball – $167

Band seen the most?
Hanson – 9

Best new discovery?
The Wanted, One Direction, Eric Hutchinson, Recycled Percussion

Bands seen this year that also broke up this year?
SK6ers :*(

Friends made at shows?
Joyce & Melissa

Band members met?
Tim Urban, Courtney Drummey, Casey James, Gloriana, Neal McCoy, Uncle Kracker, Lee Brice, Love and Theft, Canaan Smith, Honor Society, Action Item, Stefano, Kris Allen, A Rocket To The Moon, The Wanted, Recycled Percussion

Best souvenir from a show?
I finally got a pick at a show!

Longest time in line?
I don’t recall any long line waits – but we did have to wait like 2 hours before the K104 not so silent night started after being let in!

Shows seen from the barricade [front row]–
Honor Society House Party
Honor Society at The Space
Recycled Percussion x3
Most shows in one month?
January = 4
February = 5
March = 1
April = 3
May =  10
June =  1
July = 4
August = 6
September =  4
October =  10
November = 4
December = 10

Most shows in one week?
3 = May 5, 6, 6
3 = May 25, 26, 27
3 = December 4, 5, 6
5 = December 27, 28, 29, 30, 30

Biggest crowd?
I think the Kiss108 Boston Jingle Ball was the biggest – or maybe Mixtape Festival day 2.

Any drunk encounters?

Top 5 best 2011 concert moments:
-Getting a 5th row seat for Maroon 5 Live on Letterman
-Getting the close handicapped spot for 3 of 6 Hanson shows at EPCOT
-Meeting The Wanted / 5th row for the concert (and a kiss from Jay!)
-Though bittersweet – seeing Stephen Kellogg and the Sixer’s final show
-Jonas Brothers being BACK!

Top 5 worst 2011 concert moments:
-John Mayer cancels his tour
-Not getting into the Wolf’s Den for Matt Nathanson
-Fight at the Javier Colon show
-Unable to see most of K104 show because of being in wheelchair and not front row
-Following The Wanted’s tour bus to the show and having them exit the bus while I was parking!

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