This post may contain spoilers if you have not yet watched last night’s episode of NBC’s The Voice… Please proceed with caution 🙂

Last night on The Voice – 2 from Team Christina and 2 from Team Blake advanced.  I was 2 for 2 with Team Christina, with my picks Beverly and Frenchie advancing.  Team Blake was announced later in the show.

First up were the Thompson Girls. I am not really a fan of theirs and didn’t really dig their performance of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.

Casey’s performance of Horse and a Cherry Tree was alright…

Vicci’s performance (Jolene)  completely rocked. I really like her.  But how tall is she?  I didn’t think Carson was all that tall and he made her look so tiny! lol

Devon did a great One Republic song Stop and Stare. I really like his voice!

Nakia did Sex On Fire.  I thought he did well with it, although for some reason I don’t really like him. But I will be pretty shocked if he does not advance next week.

Jeff Jenkins went for Carrie Underwood’s Jesus Take The Wheel.  I think his nerves and/or emotions got the best of him and it was not as good as I would have expected from him. (He is a favorite in the house)

Curtis did Addicted To Love – a country version of it.  I liked that he took the initiative and switched the song up and made it his own… but I still just can’t get into country!

Javier did AMAZING on Angel… but DUH I knew that since I saw him perform it LIVE last month 🙂

And once again we had some very entertaining performances from the coaches with their teams!

Advancing for Team Blake is Dia and Xenia.  4 for 4!

My Predictions of who will be advancing this week  are Team Adam: Devon & Javier.  Team Cee Lo: Vicci & Nakia.

Next week we go in to the semi final rounds.  Carson said that 8 will perform, so I guess 4 will prepare a song and then not end up performing it?  That should be interesting and add an extra emotional element!

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