NKOTBSB – May 30, 2011

Monday night was my once in a lifetime opportunity to see NKOTBSB at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT.

The show started pretty promptly at 7:30 with The Goonies. ¬†Looking them up now, apparently they are from Connecticut and I guess they were a last minute addition since Jordin Sparks was not at our show. ūüôĀ ¬†I wasn’t too into their (short) set, but if you like Hip Hop you can check them out at http://www.thegoonietunes.com/

Next up was Ashlyne Huff who had a DJ and 4 backup dancers with her. ¬†She did White Flag, which was her single released early this year, followed by Whatever which is her upcoming single. ¬†She also did a slower song called Runway and then she and her dancers did a dance medley consisting of I think Janet Jackson, Madonna and Britney Spears and then went into her song Let It Out. ¬†Ashlyne’s CD Let It Out is going to be hitting stores June 7th, but was available for sale at shows or you can pre-order it for $8 at http://ashlynehuffmerch.com/. ¬†Look for ConcertKatie to be doing a giveaway for this album (& signed!) ¬†in the upcoming weeks!

Then there was a really, really long break before NKOTBSB was set to start.  Ashlyne had finished about 8:15 or maybe even 8:20 and the main event did not start until 9pm.

I have to say, the intro on the screens got me SO hyped up, it was ridiculous. ¬†First they went through an intro on the side screens and then on the big main screen that was blocking the main stage. It went through all the band members and said NKOTBSB at least 5 times and everyone was to the point of “ahh! just drop the curtain already!”

And then the curtain dropped and the 8 guys were all there! (Jon Knight had to sit the show out because he hurt his knee/leg)  For the most part, they just alternated with who had stage time and did a few songs before switching out.  This gave the band members some time to sit out Рbut for us, not so much! It was basically upbeat hit after hit!  Fortunately we were the front row of the upper level and able to sit pretty much the whole show and still be able to see fine.

It is going to be hard to remember *everything* that happened – especially since when all the guys were on the stage NKOTB was often on one side and BSB was on the other and it was hard to keep track of everything going on at once. ¬†I found it the hardest to decide who to focus on when both bands were on stage because I love both Joey McIntyre and Nick Carter so I was having an internal battle of “Who do I love more? Who should I be looking at right now?” If they were all up there. ¬†When it was just one of the bands it was a little bit easier – but at the same time I wanted to make sure I had photos of everyone and we’ll see how well I did with that when it comes to ordering prints for the scrapbook. ¬†(Although I took nearly 300 photos – you would HOPE everyone would be pretty well represented in there!)

During Tonight Рthe guys went out into the crowd.  Donnie and Jordan were on the opposite side of the arena from us, but Joe and Danny were on our side and Danny was right below us!  Danny went up through the stairs with security but the other 3 did not go up farther into the sections that I saw.  It was funny to see the girls try and grab at Danny and security rip their arms off of him.

Right after, for Shape of My Heart, BSB came in through the crowds. ¬†It was the sections towards the back – Brian and Nick came down one side and AJ and Howie down the other. ¬†I gotta say – both groups are pretty brave for going out in to the crowd like that, I don’t think I’d want to try that if I were them!

At the end, BSB came out and did Everybody and then NKOTB came out and did Hangin Tough and then they kind of did almost a “battle” going back and forth between songs and walking towards each other on the catwalk.

I’m so glad I got to go – I’ve been in desperate need for a boyband show for a WHILE now! ¬†I just wish Jordin Sparks would have been there as well. ¬†She will be there Thursday but at $110 a ticket, I don’t think I can splurge on another. ¬†Word is Jon Knight won’t be back either – he seems to think he’ll be back on Friday.

(Setlist under the cut!)
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