Karaoke Battle USA

As you may know, I love NSYNC and my favorite member of NSYNC is Joey Fatone.  I like to support Joey in his various ventures and his most recent is hosting the show “Karaoke Battle USA”.  Recently, my friends and I found out that they would be filming several episodes of the show in New York City and we researched how to get tickets.

Tickets were made available yesterday from ‘On Camera Audiences’ and I booked for Saturday and a friend booked for Sunday.  However, after the tickets were reserved, the email confirmation we got had the following written on it:


This is a casted event and due to the nature of the set, anyone participating must possess the physical ability to stand for extended periods, walk up and down stairs as needed, follow verbal and visual instructions without assistance, and be in general good health without any conditions that would restrict or limit any of the above activities. By presenting yourselves for check-in you and your guests certify that you meet these requirements.


Now, I understand there being a minimum age – but what is with the discrimination against those with physical disabilities (like myself!) and hearing and seeing impairments?  What are we going to be expected to do as an audience beside sit (or stand) there and watch the filming? Would they turn me away if I showed up in a wheelchair?

Even when I went to see Joey host “Let’s Make a Deal”, there were no provisions about not going or not signing up to be a contestant if you could not get down/up the stairs to be on stage for the show.  I have also been an audience member at various other TV shows and you have always just gone to your seat and that was that.

It is taking place at the Gramercy Theater – I have been there before (Sunday, most recently!) and I don’t quite understand why there is an issue.  I know that even if we are told we can’t sit in the seats, there are bars I can stand near and be ok.  In the event that it takes place in the downstairs lounge, there are walls I can stand near (provided they are not blocked off by equipment).  Not to mention – I will have my friends there to help me out – but apparently needing assistance with this is frowned upon.

I really hope I get a response to my email and/or facebook comment soon because I definitely don’t want to go somewhere where I feel like I am not wanted (which is the vibe I am getting right now!) But I also don’t want to miss out on getting a chance to see Joey as well as getting to attend another TV show taping.

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