In the 3rd episode of Platinum Hit, the contestants had to write a hook for a song that was road trip related.  They also all chose postcards which had a word on the back.  They would need to use this word in their hook, which made things a bit more difficult!

The winning hooks belonged to Johnny, Jes and Jackie.  Since Johnny came in first, he got to choose his entire team at once, while the other 2 picked alternating once Johnny was done.  Nick was last and Jes was asked if she preferred her team as it was or if she’d like to add Nick and she passed on him.  I was hoping that this would make Nick realize that his attitude SUCKS…. but nope!  He bragged about his track record and about how every team he has been on has had the winning song!

The 3 teams went on a little road trip to a motel and worked on their songs.  Nick thought that Johnny’s song sucked, but Johnny came in first and his team was safe.  Jes’ team was also safe.  Jackie’s team – including Nick – were in danger of losing someone because their song lost.

Nick and Sonyae were saved – because of one of Nick’s riffs and a line that Sonyae contributed.  Jackie and Karen were in danger of going home, with Karen ultimately leaving us.

A showmance began brewing between Jes and Johnny.  There was an argument over whether melody or lyrics are more important in songs.  Nick was still a jerk.  And next week they will be RAPPING!

Platinum Hit airs Monday nights on BRAVO.

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