In the second episode of Platinum Hit, the 11 remaining contestants had to write a hook for a DANCE song.  The guest judge for this task was, appropriately enough, Donna Summer.  The contestants were all supplied the same beat and had 30 minutes to write their hook.  The top 3 hooks would be the captains for the team round.

Once again, I was a little surprised with the choices – but the Top 3 were Scotty, Karen and Brian.  Donna Summer told Karen that she liked that her song was an anthem and that if she tapped in to woman empowerment, she could have a hit.  Donna also liked that Brian’s hook was unique.  Since Brian won – he was able to use the original beat while the other 2 teams would have to adapt their hooks/songs to something new.

Meanwhile, in the team rounds… Nick sulked because he did not win.  Scotty chose him because he knows he is a great writer and then there was some drama over Nick not liking people and not wanting to make friends because he wants to win.  Nick’s cockiness is really getting old – though he is talented.   But crying because you didn’t win a challenge? Come on! Jackie and Jes convinced Brian to let Jes sing on their song… and Karen’s song seemed to fall flat from the anthem that it seemed she had going during the hook round.

After playing the songs for a club – Scotty’s song won and Karen and Brian’s song were the bottom. Although the judges did not like that Brian was not singing on the song, the team was safe for the week.  Karen’s team would be losing a member and unfortunately it was the Connecticut contestant, Blessing.

Platinum Hit airs Monday nights on Bravo at 10pm EST.

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