Last night was Round 1 of the Live Rounds for The Voice.  8 contestants performed, Team Christina and Team Blake.  I am still not entirely sure how all the voting works – but it seems like 2 will be advancing to the next round from each team – one that the viewers save and one that the coaches save?  Either I don’t listen when Carson talks or he just didn’t explain it 😉

Raquel Castro was up first and I really was not too into her performance of “Blow”. She seemed a bit too screechy for me.

Jared Blake did “Use Somebody” which I have heard done so, so, so many times… so I didn’t really enjoy it.

Beverly McClellan did “I’m The Only One” and I thought her performance was decent, though she is not my fave from team Christina.

Dia Frampton did “Heartless” and while nothing will ever be better than Kris Allen’s rendition of this, I thought she was the best of the night up to that point.

Xenia’s performance of “Price Tag” was a bit awkward, but I think she is my favorite from Team Blake.  I’d like to see her grow in this competition.

I really did not enjoy Lily Elise’s version of “Big Girls Don’t Cry” some of the “notes” she was hitting sounded really odd and squeaky.

Patrick Thomas did “I Hope You Dance” and I found his performance to be pretty boring – and another overdone song.

The night ended with Frenchie Davis doing “When Love Takes Over” a song I am not familiar with – but I think she did well with it.  It was not perfect by any stretch but she was by far the most entertaining (in my opinion) of the night.

My picks moving on would be Frenchie and Bev from Team Christina and Dia and Xenia from Team Blake.

(Although to be honest – the best performances of the night were the ones the teams did with their coaches!)

There are 3 ways to vote and each can be done 10 times per account.  1) Call the numbers. You have until Monday morning to get your 10 votes in.  2) Vote online. You can vote 10 times per artist per email/registration you have on  3) Buy the $1.29 single on iTunes.

I wish the singles were $0.99, I think that might incline more people to purchase… but since iTunes takes such a HUGE cut and I am sure The Voice is out to make some money, $1.29 is more in their best interest.  I am not sure there is anyone from last night whose single I would purchase – but I am prepared to buy all of Javier’s songs 🙂

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