Platinum Hit is the latest Music related reality television show.  It is a song writing competition looking to find the next great hit maker.  The winner receives $100,000 (cash!), a publishing deal with Sony, BMI Songwriters The Writing Camp and a recording deal with RCA/Jive.

The show is hosted by Jewel, who also is one of the judges.  Joining her is former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi.  Keith Naftaly (SVP of A&R for RCA/Jive) also judges and throughout the series they will be bringing in guest judges to help with the competition.

The show premiered on Monday at 10/9c.  Aside from Kara, there are also a couple of other American Idol connections – one of the 12 contestants is Jackie Tohn, who was on Season 8 of the show.  Scotty Granger is also a contestant and he is currently the Creative Director for American Idol winner Jordin Sparks!

The first competition on Monday was to write a hook about Los Angeles.  It was interesting to see how completely different each of the 12 hooks were.  Kara and Jewel announced the Top 4 hooks and their prize was that they got to choose their team of fellow contestants to help turn their hook into a song.  I didn’t agree with all 4 of the choices – but then again Jewel and Kara write awesome songs and I do not so I probably should trust their judgement.

The teams of 3 then had 8 hours to write the full song and then they had to perform it in front of the judges. (Jermaine Dupri was a guest judge)  The teams were split between the top 2 and bottom 2.  The top 2 were safe and the absolute bottom team was going to lose a member.

I think Platinum Hit is a pretty interesting show and will continue to check it out.  I do find it hard to keep up with which contestants are which though because as of right now we haven’t gotten too much background about each of them.

If you missed the first episode – my cable company has it offered on Free On Demand – so if your cable company offers something similar, check for it there.  Otherwise, look for reruns of it airing on Bravo!

Songs from the show are available for purchase on iTunes and you can find out more about the show at

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