What’s the longest you’ve been without sleep?

I have to say, it can’t be much more than 24 hours, if that.  I love to sleep.  I remember 2 times when sleeping was difficult and I didn’t get much of it – but I now know I can sleep ANYWHERE if I am tired enough!

Time 1 – Camping out for Hanson in Alexandria, VA.  It was October and it was pretty cold out.  We had folding chairs and I was in mine for about 18 hours straight.  We got in line around midnight the night before and didn’t sleep much.  After the show we decided to get a hotel so we could be well rested before driving back to my friend’s place in Maryland.

Time 2 – IKEA was having a grand opening and the first I think 200 people in line would get a free chair.  My cousins were coming down from New Hampshire and I was going to wait with them, but instead my mom decided to go too.  Everyone else had a tent.  We had a collapsible chair that was 2 seats attached to each other.   I had said that I would just sleep on the ground.  But then there was a HUGE rain storm. One of our “neighbors” gave us some plastic that we had over us.  Everyone without tents, with the exception of us, ended up leaving. The news wanted to interview us the next morning but my mom refused because we looked like wet rats.  We went in, got our free chair and left.  We put one of the 2 together and then fell asleep on the couch!

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