March 24, 2011

Lee DeWyze TIC Acoustic Cafe

Tuesday evening I noticed that TIC had *finally* added to their online contests a way to enter to see/meet Lee DeWyze at their acoustic cafe.  Since I never have any luck calling to get through to the station, I need to rely on their online contests page to win my way in.  It was a “contest” (as opposed to a trade-in or an auction) which is basically a raffle of sorts.  But I have been doing trivia daily for a long time to try and boost my bank of points, so I spent 100,000 points for 100 entries in to the contest.

The winner would be chosen at 10am and the event was said to start at noon so I figured I would have plenty of time to get up to Bristol where the event was being held.  (Though I had NO time to find someone to go with me as my guest!) At just around 10 I began obsessively refreshing the page to see who the winner would be. Then I saw it was ME! (yessss)  Shortly after I got an email saying I should be there at 11!  I ended up getting there a little after 11 which was fine because we were not let in until about noon and Lee came on stage shortly after.

He started with Sweet Serendipity, then he did a cover which unfortunately I can’t remember what it was! He said it and everything but apparently I was just not paying attention! I am hoping someone else was there and remembers and can comment with it!  His 3rd song was Beautiful Like You.  We were only allowed to take photos during the 3rd song so I don’t have too many.  They also said the lighting was bright enough for no flash but I disagree a bit.  (Though I did get some alright photos)

After the performance we were ushered into another room to meet him. It was rushed so he basically said it was nice to meet me and I said it was nice to meet him too. We had our photo taken and I told him I would see him for the show tonight and he grabbed my arm and was like “you’re going tonight!?” all excited and he said that “tonight… tonight is going to be good!” (or something like that haha) I won’t get to see my pic with him for a week or two because I have to wait for the professional photographer to post it on their site and it could take 1-2 weeks! (Usually it is just one week though)

Idol Thoughts

Last night the Idols sang songs of MOTOWN! It was a big night because whoever goes home is not making the tour! Gasp! Random thought, if they use the save this week and then next week 2 go home.. how do they decide who is #10?  A lot of articles said that Katie and Andrew “shared” 8th place last season so it’ll be interesting to see if that ends up playing out or not.

I think everyone really excelled with this genre, which was surprising especially with our country stars. But they stayed true to themselves!  I am not sure who will be in the bottom… Haley, Naima and Paul perhaps?  I can’t decide who I think will/want to go home. There is no one that I am like “oh I don’t want to see them on tour!” So it is tough. (But I need Stefano to make it on tour. lol)

This week DialIdol has Casey on the very bottom, but Lauren, Paul, Naima, Thia and Haley are all considered in danger of going home.  But the raw numbers tell a completely different story – with Casey on top! Jacob, Thia, Naima and Stefano have the lowest totals based on the raw numbers.  So, once again, can we trust DialIdols predictions?  We’ll have to see what happens tonight!  (I just checked out their FAQs, which are a bit dated, but they say it doesn’t count text votes so I am assuming it is not counting Facebook votes either.  A lot of the more techsavvy younger fans are probably using these methods over the good ol’ phone vote which will no doubt throw off these results)

Casey – Not sure I am a fan of his new hairdo, but that is besides the point.  I think he started off a little slow but about the middle found his groove and I think he did really well.

Thia – Something upbeat! Hooray! And she sounded god too! Double Hooray!

Jacob – As Jimmy said – all these Motown singers came from the same background as Jacob so of course he did great!

Lauren – Definitely a great song choice. She did fantastic. I am beginning to worry if I’ll be able to pick a bottom 3… (Not that I thought Lauren would be in it at this point)

Stefano – I love Stefano but I just did not love this performance.  He sounded ok but I don’t know, there was just something off about it.

Haley – This was a great choice for her. And it seems like the hair stylist had a lot of fun with the straightener this week.  I am not sure that america will like this but I think it is a better fit for her than the other styles she was trying to “be” in past weeks.

Scotty – Ahh the country boy. This can make or break him… I think it worked out great (though my parents thought he should have done “papa was a rolling stone”) and I think just solidifies him being in the finals (And here I thought he was a one trick pony since he kept singing that one damn song!)

Pia – Now I want her to do more exciting songs. But she did great, of course!

Paul – I think he did a lot better with his guitar – not so awkward – but I am just not sure America “gets” him.

Naima – I… am not sure what to think of this. The singing was alright but the dancing.. I don’t know. I guess it went with the song but.. I dunno. I might have to watch that one back again to see if I like it better haha

James – The only thing I got out of his pre-performance interview was that he is working with Bob Babbitt.. who worked on Hanson’s album Shout It Out.  Then sometimes when he performs I close my eyes and picture Adam Lambert.  But as much as it pains me to say it (every week haha) he is good. I can see him coming in 3rd.

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