Take me back to Tulsa!

I really never thought I would be going back to Tulsa after my first trip there in May of 2009. But I was there for Halloween 2010 and it looks like I will be heading back once again in May 2011!

Yesterday I booked my flight and my ‘ticket’ is confirmed for the Hanson.net Members Only Event! I’ll work out the other details (hotel, etc) later. It will add a couple of states to my visited (or passed through) list as I have a layover in Detroit, MI and Minneapolis, MN.

I should have the whole day Saturday before the show to explore a bit (show is not until 8pm) and a couple of hours on Sunday before I head home too. It is my first time flying in to Tulsa directly – the past 2 times I have flown in to Oklahoma City. A ton of my friends are planning on coming too, some I haven’t seen in a loooong time so I am really excited 🙂

I’m hoping to secure some Guest Posts while I am away so there will still be content for you to read 🙂 If you’d like to write a guest post, check out what I am looking for here

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