Tuesday evening I noticed that TIC had *finally* added to their online contests a way to enter to see/meet Lee DeWyze at their acoustic cafe.  Since I never have any luck calling to get through to the station, I need to rely on their online contests page to win my way in.  It was a “contest” (as opposed to a trade-in or an auction) which is basically a raffle of sorts.  But I have been doing trivia daily for a long time to try and boost my bank of points, so I spent 100,000 points for 100 entries in to the contest.

The winner would be chosen at 10am and the event was said to start at noon so I figured I would have plenty of time to get up to Bristol where the event was being held.  (Though I had NO time to find someone to go with me as my guest!) At just around 10 I began obsessively refreshing the page to see who the winner would be. Then I saw it was ME! (yessss)  Shortly after I got an email saying I should be there at 11!  I ended up getting there a little after 11 which was fine because we were not let in until about noon and Lee came on stage shortly after.

He started with Sweet Serendipity, then he did a cover which unfortunately I can’t remember what it was! He said it and everything but apparently I was just not paying attention! I am hoping someone else was there and remembers and can comment with it!  His 3rd song was Beautiful Like You.  We were only allowed to take photos during the 3rd song so I don’t have too many.  They also said the lighting was bright enough for no flash but I disagree a bit.  (Though I did get some alright photos)

After the performance we were ushered into another room to meet him. It was rushed so he basically said it was nice to meet me and I said it was nice to meet him too. We had our photo taken and I told him I would see him for the show tonight and he grabbed my arm and was like “you’re going tonight!?” all excited and he said that “tonight… tonight is going to be good!” (or something like that haha) I won’t get to see my pic with him for a week or two because I have to wait for the professional photographer to post it on their site and it could take 1-2 weeks! (Usually it is just one week though)

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