Describe the best road trip you’ve ever taken.

I suppose I should touch on the road trip I mentioned during the Rock N Roll meme where I mentioned that my friend Erin and I spent a night in jail.

It all started when Hanson’s tour dates started to come out and they were going to be playing in Canada.  We decided that we would go to the Toronto and Ottawa shows and then whatever show ended up being before and after it.  It turned out that the show before it was in Connecticut, so that worked out really well.  I also won the role of “ Reporter” so I got the chance to interview the guys before the show and take pictures from right up front for the first 3 songs of their set.

We had our route all planned out.  The morning after the CT show I would send in all my pictures and report to, and we would take off for Canada.   The first night we spent in Niagara Falls – we got to see the falls at night and walked around a bit before crashing at our motel.  The next morning we woke up and the water in the shower was YELLOW! But we made due and then explored Niagara some more before heading to Toronto.

Our hotel in Toronto was relatively average, although we did not spend much time in it.  We had thought that we would “sleep in” before heading the 5 hours to Ottawa, but Erin won a M&G; with Hanson so we had to get there a bit earlier than we had planned. (And I think I slept about 4 of the 5 hours while Erin drove!)

After the show, we headed to the Ottawa Jail Hostel which, in theory seemed AWESOME. It was an old jail converted into a hostel. (But most of all, it was cheap)  Except Erin somehow ended up getting a tour of the place really, really late at night and I don’t think either of us slept really well at all because we were freaked out haha.  We got the heck out of there REALLY early the next morning and went to Montreal.

From Montreal we went to my uncle’s house in New Hampshire and then to Maine for the last show of our run.  But it always gives people a bit of a surprise when we say “how about that time we spent the night in jail after the Hanson concert?”

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