DIY recycled journal

Guest post written by Vera Maynard

For 2011, I made a New Year’s resolution to write in my journal every day. I used to do that while I was growing up but then school and work got in my way of doing that. Well, I remember how good it used to feel to put all that stuff down into a journal when I was little and I want to start doing that again. I was going to buy myself a nice journal to help motivate me to stick with my resolution. But, I got the idea to make one instead, which will be a fun project in itself.

Well, this is the first journal that I’ve ever made before, so I went online to find some ideas about how to make it. While I was looking for some help with that, I came across some information about WIRELESS INTERNET PROVIDERS and after I looked through it a little bit, I decided to sign up for internet service with one of them.

My DIY journal turned out so well that I decided to actually make another one. I think this will be the right motivation for me to keep my journaling New Year’s resolution.

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Grammys – Record of the Year vs Song of the Year

Every year there seems to be confusion over what the difference is between Record of the Year and Song of the Year. I’ll try to make this explanation as short and sweet as possible 🙂

Record of the year is awarded to the recording artist as well as the producer, engineers and mixers who worked behind the scenes of the recording of the song.

Song of the Year is for the songwriting (composing) aspect of the song, which is why occasionally there will be subscripts with who wrote the song included, if the recording artist did not write it themselves.

It is common that songs will be nominated in both categories and often will win both categories… hope this explanation helps make a little bit more sense 🙂

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