Sometimes I like to read Ryan’s teleprompter with him “Good Evening! And Welcome To American Idol!”  This week the Idols sang songs from their Idols. I do really hope that they continue to use genres in the future – how great would it be to hear Scotty coutry-fy an R&B; song? Although I have read that it might be one of the things that they drop with this new season.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! The Idol’s Idols was almost “too easy” of a subject.  But it is just the beginning of the competition so I guess I will let that slide.

I think most of the contestants did really well this week.  I actually can not decide on a bottom 3, so I have a bottom 4.  I know, I know, that’s cheating! But it is my blog so I can do whatever I want! 😉  The 4 are – Naima, Ashthon, Stephano and Paul.  I am not sure America really “gets” Paul, though I do enjoy him.  (Although his dance moves were a bit odd.  But it was hilarious when Ryan tried to imitate them!)  The judges seem to love Ashthon, but I don’t seem to hear what they are hearing.  I think Naima didn’t make the best choices last night, which is a shame, because I really like her.  And Stephano… my favorite… but he took on a song that was too big for him AND it said “Goodbye” in it, which can often be the kiss of death on this show. (I have had a running theory about this for years so last night my mom yelled out “HE SANG GOODBYE!” as he was singing lol)

According to DialIdol, 2 of my 4 are “correct”… but I am still not sure how they are taking into account the online votes. And they usually are not that accurate in the beginning of the season but I guess we’ll just wait and see.  They have Paul and Ashthon in the bottom 4 – with Casey (what?!) and Haley. I can see why people weren’t into Haley’s performance – the “yodeling”, even though that is how the LeAnn song goes! (I never did like that song)

Under the cut are my raw notes from as they were performing.  I was VERY sleepy last night (details on why are coming up later today)So I hope they at least make some sense 🙂

Lauren – Shania Twain – I think she was going a little too fast for herself in the beginning and got out of breath, but then she seemed to find her way. I agree with Steven that she could have done more with the song, but I don’t think she was bad.

Casey – Joe Cocker – I think this was a perfect choice for him.  Though I am not sure why he had so many backup singers.. I get the whole “friends” thing but I just didn’t think it was needed.  Seems a bit early to be pulling out stops like that but I guess I should realize that things aren’t the same as they were in the past.

Ashthon – Diana Ross – Not impressed with her… she might have picked a song that was too big for her. (And I just realized her name is spelled Ashthon and not Ashton…)

Paul – Ryan Adams – He has an interesting stage presence. And I’d like to know how he has such white teeth haha  I’m not sure I liked his performance this week, it could be because I am not familiar with the song he chose.  It was a bit of a down song too – I think I’d like him more in a more upbeat setting.

Pia – Celine Dion – Pia is the real deal. At first I was hesitant with her artist choice because Celine is one of those that is tough to sing and I think Pia did the song great justice and combined with last weeks performance I think she’ll go far in this competition.

James – Paul McCartney – He was good. Again. Darn! And he seemed to keep his Adam screeching under control too so bonus points there from me.

Haley – LeeAnn Rimes – Ok when the spoiler list first came out everyone was like “omg Haley will yodel” but.. that is how the song goes so I am not sure why that was such a shocker lol I thought she did good.

Jacob – R Kelly – I’m again not a fan of the extra singers. For the finale, fine. But the first round? I want to hear Jacob! I feel like he had some off moments, but for the most part did well.

Thia – Michael Jackson – She is a good singer but I don’t know if I liked this song for her. I don’t think it will keep her from advancing though.

Stefano – Stevie Wonder – Stevie is another one that is hard to sing. I think this song was a bit too big for him – but he is still my favorite (Even if he sang goodbye which is always the jinx! UT OH!)

Karen – Selena – I wasn’t really wowed with her performance, but I didn’t hate it either.  There are definitely stronger girls in the competition. (despite what JLo said after I typed this out lol)

Scotty – Garth Brooks – I actually opted to get dinner during his performance but from what I heard it was a safe choice for him and I’m sure it’ll get him through.

Naima – Rihanna – Not all that impressed with her performance. I think she either should have changed the song completely or just did it the way we are used to. It is always a challenge to do a “current” song.

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