This week the top 12 performed songs from the year of their birth.  The first half of the show was a little bit questionable with performances and song choices (I was going to put “IMO” here, but hey it is my blog isn’t it kind of obvious everything here is “IMO”?) but it seemed to pick up in the second half, with Stefano being the turning point.

Pia and Scotty continue to be strong and consistent – I can definitely see them going a long way and possibly even to the final 2 if they keep it up. A few of the contestants were sick, which showed in some of their singing but most of them tried to over come it.  The downside of everyone living together in an awesome mansion, I guess!

My predictions for the bottom 3… which are probably completely off base (again) – Naima, Paul, Karen.  I think Karen will go home this week.  DialIdol – which I continue to check and freak out over even though I question its reliability with the addition of online voting, have the bottom as Stefano, Paul, Casey and Karen. (Though Thia, Haley and James are also yellow)  The raw numbers tell a bit of a different story, with Casey on the bottom and Haley and Stefano swap places.  Last week Ashthon went home and was ranked #9 in the raw numbers and 11 with the main scores. So really, it means nothing. I think. Maybe. 😉

Also – it was kind of interesting to find out just how young these contestants are.  Usually there are a couple who are older than me – but this year – nope!  Well, we did not hear what month Paul was born in, so he might be older than me by a few months.. but everyone else I am older than!

Naima (1984) – Not a great start for the night. I don’t like how they changed the song to make it for 2011. I want to like her but this performance was just not the best.

Paul (1984) – I think him being sick kind of took him over this week.  He started off a little rocky but you could tell he was not giving it his all. It was kind of blah.

Thia (1995) – I am not a fan of Pocahontas and therefore not a fan of this song.  She has a great voice but I’d like to see her do something more “fun” and not a ballad.

James (1989) – This was probably James’ worst performance so far.  He seemed to never be able to catch his breath which I think showed throughout the song.

Haley (1990) – I’m not sure she should have moved around so much, that seemed to affect her breathing and singing. She also got  lipstick all over her chin and cheek from the mic during that performance!  But I wasn’t really into that and I think Haley needs to find who she is because she is a good singer provided she picks the right songs.

Stefano (1989) – He lost points by making fun of NKOTB, that’s for sure 😉 But it was one of the better performances of the night.

Pia (1988) – She is good. And she is consistent and if she keeps it up she will go far.

Scotty (1993) – He is good but I’m still not that into him (or country) but I can definitely see a Pia vs Scotty final 2.

Karen (1989) – I think she put her all into it this week after her bottom 3 scare last week.  But the whole singing in Spanish and English is a bit old. We get it.

Casey (1991) – I like that he is taking risks and that he is the first one to play an instrument this year. The faces he made during the performance were downright scary though…

Lauren (1994) –  I think this was a great choice for her, but the fact that she has a cold definitely came through at some points. But I think she tried to overcome it well and gave a decent performance.

Jacob (1987) – Once he started with the screeching he kind of lost himself a bit and seemed to be all over the place. Not really a fan of the performance.

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