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Tight Mix’s acclaimed blog reaches out to the music industry with a blend of reviews, up-to-the-minute music news, and stories of interest for the music community at large.

Ah, music – our only universal language. We all have our favorite tunes, tracks, and artists. But how to maintain tabs on your preferred genres? More important still, how to make sure you hear the hottest new tracks and get the lowdown on new discs and concerts before your friends? Take a serious look-see at our selection here of fifteen amazing music industry blogs. They’ll guarantee that your status as the hottest music buzz insider is always a sure thing.

  1. Top 40. (Contact: We begin our listing with the best blog we found to keep lovers of popular music well-informed about the latest. This blog was the among the first to break news of Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga to the masses.
  2. Indie Rock Cafe. (Contact: Indie music lovers, unite in this blog’s ability to place you at the forefront of the latest releases, mixtapes, and more. The writing here will turn you into an indie connoisseur pronto.
  3. The Burning Ear. (Contact: Find yourself frequently inundated with tons of new music, but none of it gratifying to you? The burning ear works like an auditory salve, delivering only the most prime and most worthwhile tunes to your cochlea.
  4. Aurgasm. (Contact: Many of us are into a hodgepodge of musical strains and varieties. We pledge allegiance to no one particular genre. This blog made its name on offering a blend of nice assemblage of quality musicianship.
  5. Gorilla v. Bear. (Contact: This frequently acclaimed music blog has earned its acclaim for distilling the sprawling music scene down to only its most salient sounds. GVB is where the press goes to determine the next big things, while they’re still little.
  6. The Smoking Section. (Contact: The hip-hop music scene has been hip to this blog’s fumigatingly fine surveillance of rap, et al, for quite a while now. Despite the hype, the writers maintain an intimate, whispery feel to the site.
  7. Stereogum. (Contact: Think of Stereogum as the Time Magazine of indie music blogs. It’s pretty prestigious, yet manages to keep a foothold on being personable and worthwhile to the public.
  8. Music for Kids who Can’t Read Good. (Contact: Culturally illiterate? This blog guarantees you won’t complete your visit here without a lesson in Hot and Pretty Music Now, 101.
  9. Aquarium Drunkard. (Contact: This Los Angelino blog does it utmost to dirty up an otherwise pretty indie music scene right now. They accomplish this by enlisting the freshest soul, garage, country, R&B;, and like tunes that they can uncover.
  10. Nialler9. (Contact: Blogger Nialler9’s site is founded on Duke Ellington’s statement of the century: “there’s good music, and the other kind.” The music scene in Ireland has basked in a raised profile due to this site’s coverage.
  11. The Hype Machine. (Contact: Come to this blog not once, not twice, but A MILLION times a daily. Seriously. A constant stream of new songs and mixtapes selections pours over this page frequently throughout any given day.
  12. Pretty Much Amazing. (Contact: Don’t even think about looking at this page if you’re a single-genre purist. PMA points out for its readers the absolute freshest new music first, regardless of category.
  13. Live Music Blog. (Contact: Gosh darn it, keeping up-to-date on the latest concert news can be a real drag, especially if you hear about your favorite artist’s latest tour just selling out…two minutes ago. Safeguard yourself from that forlorn fate with LMB’s promise of bringing you live music news first.
  14. Rap Basement. (Contact: The writers of this blog understand that proper aficionados of hip-hip don’t just love their music — they live it. Implement new swagger in your step with this blog’s well-spiced and timely hip-hop reporting.
  15. The Boombox. (Contact: Hip-hop, rap, and R&B; fans, get your favorite music news and updates hot and fresh here, all the time. New music here is mixed into steaming-off-the-presses music scene coverage.  

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