Book Review: Sleeping With The Opposition

sleepingI had high hopes for this book but unfortunately after 2 attempts and not being able to get into it, I had to skip it and move on to something else.

I received a free e-copy in order to attempt to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book
Leo Markham has everything a man could want. Money. Power. Respect. But there’s only one thing he needs—Bria. The trouble is, she’s determined to move on, despite the breathtaking passion still between them. Sure, he’s made mistakes, but he’ll make her forgive him. He has to.

Shocked to find herself facing her devastatingly gorgeous ex as opposing counsel in the courtroom, Bria knows she can’t let Leo hurt her again. He’s the only man she’ll ever love, but he wasn’t there when she needed him most. She’s just going to have to learn to resist the pull of his lethal magnetism.

Leo is determined to win Bria back no matter what it takes. He isn’t about to lose the only woman who’s ever had his heart.

Book Review: Unstrung Heroes

unstrungUnstrung Heroes is about some of the lesser known guitar players that you still should know. The first thing I did was go through the table of contents to see if there was any that I had seen live, and as far as I could tell, I hadn’t.  They aren’t ranked as a Top 50 but instead just listed in alphabetical order.  There’s a few pages of information on each guitarist and then an interview with them done by the author which was pretty neat and he asked a few silly questions as well which I liked.  I also learned there are two Randy Jackson’s as the one included in this book is NOT the one from American Idol :P.  I liked that this book went beyond the obvious greats like Clapton, Hendrix, etc. The author said that he found these guitarist to be just as good as the greats, but underrated.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book
There may be plenty of books on guitar players, but there are very few, if any, that delve into the guitar players who have been somewhat “under the radar” through the years. This book gives exposure and long-overdue attention to 50 players who have certainly received some accolades in their careers but yet still remain outside of the mainstream and the typical lists of “guitar greats.” Interviews give insight into guitar players from various genres—including hard rockers Rik Emmett, Dave Meniketti, and Pat Travers, heavy metalists Andy LaRocque and Uli Jon Roth, funk masters Michael Hampton and Howard E. Scott, jazz-fusion players Frank Gambale and Carl Verheyen, prog-rockers Steve Hackett and Martin Barre, and singer-songwriters Bruce Cockburn and Richie Furay. The musicians get personal, speaking about their careers in their own words. Also included are short biographies on each player and photographs.

The Concert Across America

Sunday night I attended one of the Concerts Across America to end Gun Violence.  I attended the show in Bridgeport, CT which included Stephen Kellogg and The Alternate Routes.  Stephen kicked off the show with a short set and had his 2 older daughters join him on stage for his last two songs. One daughter played piano and the other sang on 26 Seconds (of Silence) which was a song Stephen had written after the Sandy Hook Massacre.  He had Eric from the Alternate Routes join him for his last song and his daughters were his backup dancers, which he said he had to add to his set after they all went to see Megan Trainer’s show.

Headlining the show was The Alternate Routes.  Eric’s parents were killed due to gun violence over 10 years ago so this show/benefit was a personal one.  He had just written a song called “Somewhere In America” that tells his story and if you haven’t heard it I urge you to check it out.  They had a solid hometown crowd set and ended their set by having Stephen on stage for their last few songs – the final being John Lennon’s Imagine.

After the show I had a chance to see Stephen catch up with one of his high school teachers (who happens to be my Uncle) which was pretty cool.

This show benefitted the Newtown Action Alliance – if you want to check them out their website is:

Love With Food August



Toasted Coconut Toffee by Chimes
The creamy, caramel taste of toffee with a hint of fresh coconut milk. Drooling yet?

Since I am not a fan of coconut I gave these to my mom to try and she liked them.

Vanilla Powdered Peanut Butter
A little salty, a little sweet and all addictive – try it in your morning smoothie!

As of writing this I’ve yet to try it – but I am looking forward to soon.

Zesty Snack Mix by Sheffa
The perfect party snack – poppable, addictive, and energy-packed.

Another item snagged by Mom – she thought it was salty, but good/

Carnival Kettle Popcorners by Our Little Rebellion
These light, crunchy bites will transport you to a perfect day at the fair.

These kind of scared me at first – carnival kettle tortilla chips? But they were absolutely delicious

Crispy Rice Bar by EnviroKidz
They took the peanuts and gluten out, but kept in all of the yummy flavor.

I had a chocolate one with an adorable koala on it and it was very yummy.

Seaweed Snacks by Ocean’s Halo
Salty, perfectly crispy and unlike anything else. This will be the new favorite snack you never saw coming.

This one scared me so I gave it to my Mom to try and she loved it so much she bought more!

Fruit & Cream Smoothie Pops by Fru-licious
The irresistible smoothie taste you crave on those hot summer days is now available in your own freezer. Just pop this shelf-stable smoothie in your freezer and let the magic happen.

This was really good, I froze it and can’t complain about the tasty results!

Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies by Goodie Girl
The comforting taste and crunch of the cookie you love, without a single smidge of gluten.

Another item in this pack that scared me – but as usual – turned out to be very good!

Iced Tea Crystals by Pique Tea
The perfect refreshing summer drink is just one brew away.

Iced Tea is my favorite summer drink (ok, maybe even year round drink) and these crystals did not disappoint!

Music Monday: Locksley Forward | Summer


Vilas Beach
Touch & Go

Locksley’s latest EP was something I went into listening being a bit unsure.  I really loved their “Don’t Make Me Wait” album from 2007 back when they opened for Hanson and I saw them a handful of times on the tour.  They since replaced a band members and reworked a lot of the songs that I had grown to know and love when I had seen them perform live a few years back.  I wasn’t exactly which direction this EP was going to go in.  The first track, Glory! is a bit strange to me and not really my style.  Vilas Beach was more of a throwback to the old Locksley mixed a bit with Rooney.  The last track Touch & Go was also more of what I was hoping for.  Looking forward to the Fall portion of this EP!

Book Review: Naked DJ

nakedfjNaked Dj is about Jazmyn Brown – although that’s not her real name, she’s had several throughout her radio DJ career.  She has been hired in NYC to be a part of the “Bare Naked Radio Ladies” show.  If you make it in NYC you can make it anywhere but it seems like everything is setting Jazmyn up for failure.

She has a crazy fan who seems to have followed her from station to station that they refer to as Crazy Karl.  He seems quite harmless and ends up involved in a much bigger story of the radio station trying to get publicity because they may be going under.

Another sub story is Jazmyn and her first love, who was/is a rapper. Jazmyn helped him get his break on the radio and  they ended up splitting up.  They try to rekindle things but aren’t sure if it is a good idea or not.

There are a lot of characters in this book and a lot going on, but I found it to be a fun read.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Heroine Jazmyn Brown becomes a DJ on a radio station in Virginia and at age 17 falls madly in love with a rapper. The story takes place 11 years later after she’s crisscrossed the country and made it to NYC, and also has reunited with her first love. Only time will tell if that’s a good thing.

Maroon 5 at the XL Center

Well… this post was supposed to be for my review of seeing Maroon 5 in Hartford, CT on the 19th.  A show that I bought tickets for in November of 2015! We were laughing because we knew what we’d be doing 10 months from then! Little did we know that Adam’s wife would get pregnant and her due date would be the day AFTER our show.  Little did we know that they would reschedule several dates for March 2017… and little did we know that ours would NOT be on that list but instead be CANCELED later.  No reschedule, just refunds! So this was supposed to be my review of the concert… but instead there was no concert to review and I am stalking my credit card balance waiting for the refund to go through and beginning to become convinced that using my AmEx for presale tickets is a curse.

Product Review: Russell Stover Every Day Chocolate

Through BzzAgent i had the chance to try out some chocolate for FREE! Russell Stover has a new Every Day Chocolate line. I was able to get a bag of their individually wrapped chocolates which contained mint patty, coconut, caramel and pecan delight candies as well as a back of Crunchy Carmel Bark.  Each I tried was even better than the last and I have to say that I give this line of chocolate two giant thumbs up, even though in the past I have been on the fence about Russell Stover’s chocolates.  The assorted bag being individually wrapped was perfect – you knew what you were grabbing and no guessing game with which chocolate was what like it is in the boxes (and no one poking their finger into all of them to try and find out!)  The bark lived up to its name – it was crunchy! And quite delicious.

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