Music Monday: Britney Spears Glory


Make Me…
Private Show
Man on the Moon
Just Luv Me
Do You Wanna Come Over?
Slumber Party
Just Like Me
Love Me Down
Hard To Forget Ya
What You Need
Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)
If I’m Dancing
Coupure Electrique

I kind of went into this album with no expectations. I haven’t been a fan of too much of Britney’s more recent work and was on the fence about the first single, “Make Me” which has been on the radio quite a bit since it’s release. But I was actually pleasantly surprised and there are very few songs, if any, that I’ve been skipping after multiple times listening.  A lot of the songs are very catchy and I find them sneaking into my head – especially the music intro to “Private Show”, ah so catchy.  The sound of Britney in that song is also a bit of a throwback too. I also really enjoy Clumsy, Hard To Forget Ya and Liar!

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