Product Review: Russell Stover Every Day Chocolate

Through BzzAgent i had the chance to try out some chocolate for FREE! Russell Stover has a new Every Day Chocolate line. I was able to get a bag of their individually wrapped chocolates which contained mint patty, coconut, caramel and pecan delight candies as well as a back of Crunchy Carmel Bark.  Each I tried was even better than the last and I have to say that I give this line of chocolate two giant thumbs up, even though in the past I have been on the fence about Russell Stover’s chocolates.  The assorted bag being individually wrapped was perfect – you knew what you were grabbing and no guessing game with which chocolate was what like it is in the boxes (and no one poking their finger into all of them to try and find out!)  The bark lived up to its name – it was crunchy! And quite delicious.

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