Love With Food August



Toasted Coconut Toffee by Chimes
The creamy, caramel taste of toffee with a hint of fresh coconut milk. Drooling yet?

Since I am not a fan of coconut I gave these to my mom to try and she liked them.

Vanilla Powdered Peanut Butter
A little salty, a little sweet and all addictive – try it in your morning smoothie!

As of writing this I’ve yet to try it – but I am looking forward to soon.

Zesty Snack Mix by Sheffa
The perfect party snack – poppable, addictive, and energy-packed.

Another item snagged by Mom – she thought it was salty, but good/

Carnival Kettle Popcorners by Our Little Rebellion
These light, crunchy bites will transport you to a perfect day at the fair.

These kind of scared me at first – carnival kettle tortilla chips? But they were absolutely delicious

Crispy Rice Bar by EnviroKidz
They took the peanuts and gluten out, but kept in all of the yummy flavor.

I had a chocolate one with an adorable koala on it and it was very yummy.

Seaweed Snacks by Ocean’s Halo
Salty, perfectly crispy and unlike anything else. This will be the new favorite snack you never saw coming.

This one scared me so I gave it to my Mom to try and she loved it so much she bought more!

Fruit & Cream Smoothie Pops by Fru-licious
The irresistible smoothie taste you crave on those hot summer days is now available in your own freezer. Just pop this shelf-stable smoothie in your freezer and let the magic happen.

This was really good, I froze it and can’t complain about the tasty results!

Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies by Goodie Girl
The comforting taste and crunch of the cookie you love, without a single smidge of gluten.

Another item in this pack that scared me – but as usual – turned out to be very good!

Iced Tea Crystals by Pique Tea
The perfect refreshing summer drink is just one brew away.

Iced Tea is my favorite summer drink (ok, maybe even year round drink) and these crystals did not disappoint!

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