;Udemy is a great site I have been using a lot myself lately.  I’ve completed a few courses in web design and programming and have a lot more on my wish list and in my course list.  I also have some photoshop classes on my wishlist, courses on how to use other programs, to teach myself new programming languages, etc.  There are so many wonderful tutorials on Udemy that it’s hard not to make a huge wishlist. (And I love that I have that as an option)  But the more courses I take the more I wonder – can I do this? Can I teach my own course using what I already know to help educate others?

The answer is yes, I can, if I want to put the time and effort into it.  But I would have absolutely no idea where to begin – until now.  Enter Dave Espino and his course on “Udemy: Fast & Easy Udemy Course Creation”.  This is the most recent course I have completed and I am now prepared with everything I need to know, all the programs I will need, and everything that I need to do in order to become successful in creating courses to teach others on Udemy.  Now just to decide what I’d like to teach and get started!

If you think that you have a unique skill and others would benefit from you teaching it, then be sure to check out Udemy and Dave’s course.  I think you will be quite happy with all the information that Dave provides and will soon be on your way to creating just one course but allowing people to enroll at all different times and take the course at their leisure – and you’ll still get paid!  You do the work once and then you’re good to go! (But always have the option to update videos in your courses if it is needed!)

A special link for ConcertKatie readers to get a huge discount on this course:

(Course is originally $147 you can enroll for just $27 – that’s 81% off!)

I received a free enrollment in this course in order to share this information with my readers!


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