Product Review: Vivaselfie Stick

Have you ever found yourself wishing your arms were just a little bit longer to get all your friends in a picture? Or maybe you like to travel alone and want to get pictures of you with landmarks behind you – without having to talk to strangers?  Then the Vivaselfie Stick is for you!

The vivaselfie stick works with blue tooth and can be paired to Android or Apple phones. (iOS 4.0 and Android 3.0 or above) It has an extendable pole for selfies or above-crowd shots. It is lightweight with a sturdy non-slip grip.

The Vivaselfie Stick will give you:

Connection – get group and family photos with no one left out because they need to take the photo.
Creativity – reach over or around walls and into narrow places to get impossible shots and hidden views.
Fun – raise your camera above the crowd for great videos or photos at concerts and other events (though I can’t say I recommend this one because you’ll probably annoy everyone around you!)
Travel – get great shots of your travel destinations without begging others to take photos of you when you travel.

The set up is simple – take the monopod out of the box and charge it with the included USB charger (I found it charged very quickly.) Once you are charged up, turn the stick on and look for it in your Bluetooth settings so you can pair it.  After you’re paired, attach the phone to the monopod.  I found that my phone didn’t really fit well with the case on it, and it worked better when using the phone without a case.  Extend out the monopod, frame your selfie and hit the shutter button on the stick.  And Ta DA! An awesome photo was captured on your phone!

Sorry for cutting out the background on my selfies – but my room is a MESS and I wanted to get this review posted and not waste time tidying up. The point of the photos was to see the distance between the shortest setting and longest setting (which almost reached the ceiling in my room) I can’t wait to try this out more on trips!

I received a free product in exchange for this honest review.


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